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Sudden sore throat, stiff neck. History of meningitis......

      Re: Re: Sudden sore throat, stiff neck. History of meningitis......

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Posted by CCF Neurology MD:NT on December 06, 1998 at 21:48:14:

In Reply to: Re: Sudden sore throat, stiff neck. History of meningitis...... posted by Not a doctor on December 04, 1998 at 12:55:53:

: From what I understand, viral meningitis is common following a viral infection and is not terribly dangerous. However bacterial meningitis will likely cause permanent brain damage or death if not treated promptly. The best way ive read to tell the difference is by measuring your temperature. If your temp goes above ( or close to ) 101 degrees you need to get to the emergency room. Also if you are becomming disorienteted or extremly fatigued, like you cant keep your eyes open along with your fever, chills, and stiff neck,  you need to call 911 because you might be drifting into a coma.
  A good test also is to touch your chin against your chest. If you can do this with not much difficulty or pain than you are probibly ok. If the neck refuses to go that way, even with someone pushing on it you could have meningitis.
  I thought I had meningitis recently. I had pain in the neck, ear, major headache and a sore throat. My temp was only 100-100.5 so I didnt go to the emergency room. I went to a ENT doctor who diagnosed me with a blocked salivary gland which probibly was infected. The antibiotics have helped, but the gland is still blocked as we speak.
  Good luck and be sure to keep an eye on your temperature. Bacterial meningitis usually produces high fever ( up to 105 ) because of the low number of white blood cells in the spinal fluid, fever is about the only way your body can fight it. If its viral it will probibly resolve in a few weeks.
Dear Dustin:
It is possible that you do have a meningitis. It is, however, unlikely that your symptoms are from a meningitis related to the bb pellet in the skull. I would think an aseptic (i.e. viral, commonly) meningitis is probably more likely. While comments above by "Not a doctor" are reasonably accurate, I would think a visit to an ER (drive-in, not calling 911!) would be a good idea. A diagnosis or exclusion of aseptic meningitis may be important even if no specific treatment is offered. Also, exclusion of a serious meningitis is best done following a spinal tap, not just on the basis of symptomatology.

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