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Suffering from a constant headache since last one and half year


I am Manu (Male, 22 year, 65 Kg). I am suffering from continuous headache since last one and half year. Below are the things that happened with me since my headache has been started.

1. I use to sit on Computer a lot (8-9 hours a day).
2. Constant pressure on my back of head, side of head,(left and right both) upper head and neck (mostly when I start working)
3. Headache goes off if I sleep.
4. Cracking sound from my jaw while opening and closing my mouth. (It looks to me like TMJ Disorder)
5. neck stiffness and shoulders pain
6. Blocking in ears (ENT told me everything is OK)
7. Bit high BP and over excitement with no reason
8. Sometimes acidity
9. Feels shortness of breath, Sometimes I feel that I stopped breathing since last few minutes
10. Poor concentration while headaches
11. A lot of pressure/tension of performance

I discussed with neurologist as well as a neurosurgon. They both putted me on Tryptomer 10mg for many days but with no result. My CT Scan and MRI of brain with screening of spine shows no evidence of neurological problem (told by one of the best neuro-surgon of India). One year ago, My all the blood reports were absolutely normal. I feels very free whenever I am playing something or doing something with no brain work. But as soon as I starts working, my headache comes up. In between before 7 months ago, it automatically goes off, as there was no pressure on me those days. My neurosurgon suggest me to consult with a psychiatrist. I just want to confirm that is it seems to really a case to go for a psychiatrist? Am I not able to handle pressure/workload anymore? can thinking a lot also cause such type of headche?
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I am sorry to hear you are in such pain.Did they do a lumbar pucture while you were having all the other tests you mentioned? I ask, because, you share a lot of symptoms that I have.After a very difficult year and a half of missed diagnoses and also a suggestion to see a "psychiatrist", I was finally correctly diagnosed with IIH.   Idopathic Intracranial Hypertention.
I suggest you google IIH and see if you fit the criteria. If you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.

By the way, all MRI and cat scans come back clear if you have IIH. The only test to comfirm IIh is a lumber puncture. Good luck.
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Hi Cath,

Many thanks for your suggestion, but IIH symptoms don't exactly match with mine symptoms.

1. I don't feel any extra pressure in morning (Even in morning I feel fresh).
2. Blocking in ears don't synchronized with my pulse, ears are just blocked (as suppose water blocked my ears during bath)
3. I don't ever feel vomiting.
4. I don't have double vision.

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Hi. Im glad to hear that you can rule out this illness. Best of luck with your health and I hope you find some answers.Cath278.
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