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Surgery & Myoclonus

  I had liposuction in 7 months before I started developing these muscle jerks which my doctor diagnosed as myoclonus.  I didn't tell him about my surgery, but I was wondering whether they could be related.  I have also been getting electrolosis done for the past 4 years.  Could any of these things cause myoclonus?
The surgery you mentioned is not a documented cause of myoclonus. Often, in patients with myoclonus, we are unable to determine the source, though there are a few well-described causes of certain myoclonus syndromes.
Diagnosing jerking movements is often difficult, and it is not obvious that what you have must be myoclonus (though it could be).
The best way to get a diagnosis is to see someone experienced who has seen a wide variety of jerky movement phenomena and thus has a chance to be able to classify or categorize your own. This would be a movement disorders specialist.
If you are interested in coming to CCF for this, we do have movement disorders specialists on the staff. Call 800 223 2273 ext 4-5559 to arrange an appointment.
I hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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