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Sweet pain in the both whole arms to shoulder to legs

i ,am 30 years old male, have come back to pakistan from japan after completing my master in engineering in sep 2009.after that i m in my home  with my family ... my activities are , using laptop upto 10 to 15 hours daily  by sleeping, sitting condition on bed and chair respectively. as i felt two or three time pain in my leg 4 month ago but i used pain killer tablet. i felt ok...But i felt sweet pain in arms( at musles of arm below the elbow) 10 days ago. i thought  same pain like leg ..i used pain killer but i did not fell ok.. then i went to general physician docter ..he said it is for laptop and  gave me some tablets ( calcium , vitamic c and  pain killer tablets)..but i felt ok from that arm's pain but i felt little sweet pain at musles above the elbow and shoulder back ...i told the this situation to docter ..he told me ..its ok  i m giving u a injection ..please use injection in each day or alernative day upto 5 injection...i used three only..but i felt same sweet pain at above of elbow means musles and shoulder musles at both arms , some one arm...some time sweet pain went and come automatically . some time moved in back of shoulder automatically for 3 hours to 5 hours and coming back to arms but above the elbow...i also jogged during these days for 3 days only..during jogging i felt pressure on back of neck (vein pressure) on heart side..some i felt weakness in both arms , but automatically i get energy ..i felt normal....today when i waked up then i felt sweet pain in back of shoulder ....but when i walked 2 hours in morning...my sweet pain shifted to same heart side arm but above of elbow ... today i jogged... after jogging i felt uncomfortable on heart side leg ...and slowly pain in arm went away but uncomfortable of leg was increasing...means i feeling cooling above of thai and below of that foot..i felt like a slowly  cooled narrow steel rod in side of thai only...but after 4 hour i felt hotness...i donot what is happening..but i got normal energy in arm ....but i donot feel comfortable in heart side leg only....could u tell me and suggest me.....


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please comment , if some knows about this.....
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