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Swollen Optic Nerves and Hemorrhaging in BOTH eyes! NO EXPLANATION!

HELP! About 8 weeks ago I had a consistent headache for about a week, followed by vision loss in both eyes to the far left and far right. My central vision was ok, but my side vision was like I was looking through a puddle of water. I had a lot of pain while looking to the left and right as well. I went into an Opthomologist, and he sent me to a Retina Specialist in Amarillo, Texas. They ran 16 blood tests, testing me for auto-immune diseases, antibodies, etc., I had a spinal tap also testing for a plethora of diseases(MS, Lupus, etc.), MRI, and chest x-ray. ALL tests were in normal range, except one was slightly high(toxoplasmosis), in which they gave me an antibiotic for to see if it made a difference. Antibiotic did nothing for my vision.. therefore telling the doctors it was not toxoplasmosis.

It has consistently gotten worse in both eyes. I have a hard time adjusting from light to dark and back again. I also experience mini-blackouts and tunnel vision when going from sitting or laying position back up to standing. The Retina Specialist sent me to a Neurologist and the Neurologist apologized and said he had no clue what it could be. I was not a candidate for the things he had thought it was.

From there I went to a different Retina Specialist, who referred me to a Neuro-Opthomolist in Oklahoma City. My appointment is next week.

But in the mean time, I am really hating having this giant question mark above me head of uncertainty! Its been 8 weeks with NO diagnosis! Any ideas on what it could be since I have been to 4 doctors so far and not one has a clue!? Thank you in advance!

I am a 27 year old female with two children. I am very healthy and lean.
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Oh and I had a random bloody nose a couple of weeks ago... But it was only 3 drops out of my left nostril and then nothing.... really weird. I was not messing with my nose at all. I bent over to pick a baby up off of the floor, and the drops fell out.
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