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Symptoms - So frustrate

I've been to two doctors on this, but my symptoms have changed.  I'm very freightened and don't know what's going on.

Two weeks ago I became very light headed.  It lasted for over a week and a half.  One week into it, I lost my sense of taste and had a sore on the left side of my tongue.  Also, one week into it, I found that I could not write or type well anymore.

The first doctor had no idea what was going on.  I got blood tests and a shot of b12 and nothing happened.

The next doctor was helpful.  I went to him last Thursday (about a week and a half into the problem.)

He felt my glands and made me do some tests (he pushed me with my eyes closed and he made me touch my nose... etc).

He said my glands were swollen and my face looked asymmetrical.  He came to three possible diagnosis:

1.  Bell's (Ball's?) Palsy
2.  Virul Infection
3.  Mini Stroke (which he SEVERLY doubted... he did not order an MRI or CT scan because I'm trying to get pregnant and he said it wasn't worth it.

I'm 30 and supposedly in good health.  

Since seeing the doctor, my writing/typing has gotten worse (this is taking forever and I keep hitting the wrong keys).  I have become clumsy on my left side (and only the left).  I'm walking into doorways and I'm dropping things.  Also, I have to think more when walking.  I don't know if it's because I'm super-sensitive.  My hand writin is an issue and I'm left handed.  All the problems are on my left.

I am no longer dizzy (thank God) and my sense of taste came back (thank God again).  But, as I type, my left hand hits the wrong keys and my fingers 'collapse' as I touch the keys.

I'm so scared that I  have perm. nerve damage, or worse, an incurable disease.

I've seached everywhere to see if my symptoms add up and they don't.  Does anyone here have a different avenue I can look into?  I'm so scared and my husband thinks I'm blowing this out of porportion.  It's easy to do when you hit your hand on door knobs as you walk past and it your hand writing looks like a 2nd grader's.

Can a virus cause all of this?

Any advice would be so appreciated.
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Update - I went back to the doctor today and he thinks it could have been a stroke or it's the beginning of MS.  I have to get an MRI and blood test.  I'll also have to go to a specialist.  We'll see what happens.
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