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Tegratol and pregnancy

Posted By Kristin Woods-Smith on October 27, 1998 at 14:02:55:

Good Afternoon, and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  
     I am 26 years-old and was diagnosed with epilepsy in (about)the fourth month of pregnancy.  I was very worried about the possible side effects that Tegratol may have on my unborn child.  However, as my neurologist predicted, the seizures have become more frequent as the pregnancy has progressed.  I started a program yesterday of tegratol to control these seizures, since there is a greater risk of my baby not getting enough oxygen if I have a severe seizure.  I will be taking a 200 mg pill twice a day when I get up to the "normal" dosage.  My questions are these:
     First: I am now at 31 weeks, what are the possible side effects regarding mu unborn son?  Are there any precautions that I could follow that may reduce the risks?
     Second: Will I be able to breastfeed on Tegratol or is transmittable through breast milk?
     And third: Prior to trying to start our family, I was on 20 mg per day of Paxil for clinical depression.  Are there any antidepressants that I can safely and effectively take with Tegratol?
        Thank you, in advance, for any help that you can give my husband and I. :)
                                     Kristin, Eric and baby Keegan
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