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Tegretol - Kidney problems

  I had a craniotomy in July 98 for a grapefruit sized meningioma -- diagnosis was made after grand mal seizure with 20 mins. unconscious.  Prior to and subsequent to surgery had several additional seizures of lesser degree.  Was initially on Dilantin and due to side effects was changed 3 mos. ago to Tegretol which I have tolerated well.  Have read that kidney problems are a side effect of Tegretol.  Have noticed a gradual change in urinary function - more frequent, less flow for some time.  Now I have serious discomfort, pressure, feeling of pressure and very little flow.  Possible Tegretol side effect?
Thanks for your question.  Urinary retention is not a common side-effect of carbamazepine usage, but there have been clinical reports of such effects.  I have included below one of such reports.  However, I suggest discussion with your physician the more probable hypothesis of a urinary tract infection as an explanation for your symptoms.
Carbamazepine-induced urinary retention in long-standing diabetes mellitus.
Neurology 1993 Sep;43(9):1855-6
Steiner I; Birmanns B
Department of Neurology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.

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