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Tegretol XR interaction

Could you please give me a list of drugs (both otc & script) that interact with Tegretol XR. I am on a dosage of 1200 mg daily to control complex partial seizures (temporal lobe disorder).
I am suffering from peri-menopausel symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings, etc, etc). I wish to take some herbal remedies. I also realize that I must have this information before doing so. Can you recommend something that will help before I go nuts?
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Your body breaks down tegretol in the liver, which means that any drug that is also broken down inthe liver has the potential to decrease or increase the amount of tegretol in the body. A partial list includes tylenol, antifungal medications, buspar, bupropion, tagamet, erythromycin, propoxyphene, cyclosporine, estradiol, , fentanyl, haldol, lamictal, methadone, many of the oral contraceptives, modafanil, other antiseizure medications, coumadin, antidepressants such as elavil, theophylline and thyroid hormones. This is again a PARTIAL list.

Although many people have found herbal remedies helpful, I tend to shy away from them as the ingredients are not approved by the FDA and some can make neurological disorders worse. (echinacea has been known to exacerbate MS). FOr perimenopausal symptoms, I would talk to your primary care doc or gynecologist and ask what they recommend.

Another option is to switch your tegretol to less potentially problematic med (in terms of drug interactions) such as Keppra. Safer side effect profile and is known to benefit patients with complex partial seizures.
GOod luck
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