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Terrible Anhidrosis And Feeling Hot (Doctor Please Help Me)


For the past 2 years I have been suffering from Anhidrosis (Absent Sweating). This has ruined my life and my life has turned 180 degrees. I went from excessive sweating 2 years ago to no sweating today. This has caused me nothing but pain and agony. I used to complain that I sweated too much and now I complain about not sweating. I have these symptoms that is litterly destroying my life.

These symptoms are

1)Absent Sweating
2)Dry Skin
3)High Body Tempreature (Non Fever)
4)Flushed Hot Red Face And Neck.

The worst symptom is being hot all the time. Even when I am in an air conditioned room, I am hot and to make it even worse, I cant' sweat too cool down. I can only cool down when I have very cold showers and stay in an air conditioned room at the very coldest tempreature. I want to be able to cool down naturally and be able to sweat again. I have some questions that I want you so badly to answer for me.

1)Is there any cure for Anhidrosis?
2)Are there any medications that can cause excessive sweating
3)I have read that Aquaporins 5 is vital to sweat production, can these be used to cure treat and cure Anhidrosis?
4)I have read that Autonomic Nueropathy can cause Anhidrosis, if so, can Autonomic Nueropathy be treated?
5)Can Alpha Lipoic Acid be used to treat damaged nerves that cause Anhidorsis and could it revive them?
6)Are there any cliinical trials working for a cure for Anhidrosis?
7)Can damaged nerve and sweat glands be restored so that sweat production be restored?
8)Are there any vitamins and minerals that essential for sweat production and can they restore sweat production?
9)Is there any research on how to regenerate damaged sweat glands and nerves that cause sweat production?

I have posted this question on this website and I dont get an answer I want. No doctors on this website will help me and I am going crazy because of it. I just need to hear a doctor who specialize on Anhidrosis to give me some straight answers and give me some hope, I really need hope right now. Mayo Clinic says that "All though there is no treatment for Anhidrosis, there may be treatments for it's cause" This is all it says, it does not say anything about how to treat the condition that is causing Anhidrosis.

I fear I have Autonomic Nueropathy and this is what is causing my Anhidrosis. This is the only diease I can think of. I am wondering if I do have Autonomic Nueropathy and this is what is causing my Anhidrosis, can Autonomic Nueropathy be treated and is there a possibility that nerves responisble for sweat production that have been damaged by Autonomic Nuerpathy to be regenerated if I could get this disase (If I have It) treated and under control. It is possible to reverse Autonomic Nueropathy and get sweat production restored. I head that Alpha Lipoic Acid and vitamins such as Vitamin B6, B12 and Vitamin H can treat Autonomic Nueropathy and if I take Alpha Lipoic Acid and these vitamins, can they restore my ability to sweat and get my body cooled down.


I want so badly for a doctor to reply to me. I want to have a conservsation about this condition that is ruining my life.

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