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Thalamic Pain Syndrome

  My favorite person in the world has been left with Thalamic Pain Syndrome due to a stroke of the thalamus. Please, where can I find help for her? She suffers so terribly. She has a motor cortex stimulator put in with no relief. Some say she should have never had it done. I just want to find her the help she needs...even if it is just help for her spirit.
  Thank you so much!  My Aunt thanks you also.
Unfortunately, the thalamic pain syndrome (also called Dejerine-Roussy syndrome) is very difficult to treat. We try medications such as Tegretol, baclofen, amitryptiline, and others. Stimulator implants are controversial, but some patients have good luck with them.
If someone thought to do a stimulator, then she has probably already seen one or more pain specialists. Perhaps a second opinion for a fresh start might help. A careful review of all medications tried and assessment of each medication trial could be of benefit. Sometimes a fresh doctor thinks of something someone else overlooked.
It is possible that no treatment will work. However, some people do get some relief from symptoms, so it's worth pursuing aggressively so your aunt doesn't have to live in such agony.
I hope this helps. As you know, this information is for general medical education only. Any specific comment regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis must come from your doctor after appropriate evaluation. CCF MD mdf.

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