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The cause of Fibromyalgia for me and maybe you

I was diagnosised 7 years ago with Fibromyalgia and I had symptoms for 2 years. I was told that I should lose weight to lessen the symptoms. My mom told me about a way that she was hearing about. It was a low glycemic diet. Basically what that is is you eat any protein, any fat(vegtable fat prefered)and the only carbs you eat(but you eat as much as you need to)are carbs that don't raise your blood sugar..most are green and have a lot of fiber. There are other foods but thats the basics. Anyway, 2 weeks into doing this, my FMS symptoms disappeared. My question is, if its this simple, why isn't this a known thing? Also, if I eat a high glycemic carb now...I get the symptoms back....so it seems to me that it might be that the sugar in my blood stream must have worn down some bone(like in our teeth) and it hits a nerve ending or something....just like a toothache, what do you think? I've emailed many people working with FMS to try and tell them this but they kind of blow it off saying "yeah we know diet has something to do with it" I also just fyi try and incorporate high acidic things into my diet as well, to lower my blood sugar levels like SF homemade lemonade.
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The pathophysiology behind an illness like fibromyalgia is not well known.  For instance, in a disease like epilepsy we know that something is irritating the brain cells such as a tumor or blood or genetic abnormality, causing the cells to be hyperexcitable and thus result in a seizure.  The treatment then is medication to stop the spread and excitability of the brain cells. But for fibromyalgia, there is nothing concrete about its cause and treatment.  It is likely multifactorial and may have a component of emotional as well as physical stress.  I'm glad your symptoms are better with the new diet.  And although it hasn't been documented in the medical literature or held up to the rigorous scientific standards that other treatments for neurological diseases have, it sounds relatively safe and may help other people. Good luck.
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I very much appreciate you taking the time to reply and this forum is an outstanding service. I sure hope some how you can get funded by someone for this great humanitarian effort thats being made to give people some possible answers. I do wish that there was a way that people like me who have noticed something remarkable in my own health, had a way to share it with people who do research to see if they can some how replicate it scientifically and then get the information out to those who suffer. Thanks again for all you doctors do here! :-)
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Sweet Sense,
I am so happy that your mom got you on a healty diet. So many Americans eat too much and the wrong foods, then go to the doctor without a clue, think something is wrong with them other then what they eat(I'm not saying this is you :)) Most people are more fussy about the type of OIL they put in their car rather then what they put in their mouths!
When my neck problems surfaced, I knew my eating HAD to change since my activities were drastically reduced. I did not want to wind up with two problems, chronic pain and obesity. So I had to cut down on VOLUME-way down to less then a 1/3 of what I was eating. It wasn't hard cause the pain kept me from eating anyway and I lost too much-never thought it was possible. But now I'm trying to really make what little I do eat count as much as possible.
Good luck and keep us posted .
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What are some of your fibromyalgia symptoms? I`m trying to get diagnosed because I`ve been having weird symptoms 5 1/2 months now. Could be fibromyalgia related.
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