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Thigh Numbness In Front, Side

  : Within the past 4 weeks I have developed significant numbness in the front
  : and side portions of my left thigh.  A noticeable patch, or area, is numb
  : to the point of almost no feeling at all with a circular area radiating
  : outward toward both the knee and upper thigh.  The numbness is fairly
  : constant but will increase after exercise such as 3 mile walks.  Several
  : hours later the numbness will descrease to its prior level.  My right
  : thigh is now developing the same problem.
  : I do have a spondylolisis condition of a fine cartillage line imbedded in
  : a lower vertebrae.  This was discovered some 30 years ago after a sports
  : injury and was treated with a back brace.  Since then, I've learned to
  : lift properly and treat the condition with care.  I've had no current
  : injuries other that 3 left knee arthroscopies in the last 30 months with
  : the last one performed in Jan of 98.  I still have some left quap atrophy
  : due to this last scope.
  : I am in the process of having many tests to rule out circulation
  : problems, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.  While this resembles the
  : compression of the sensory nerves that service the area frequently
  : found in the overweight and/or pregnant persons, I am neither.  The internal M.D. believes this to be a neuro problem.  Thus, I am scheduled
  : for an EMG.
  : Other symptoms are - interrupted sleep, increase urination, mild headaches,
  : apparent normal full body twiches (meaning - infrequent but present), some
  : weakness in major muscle groups in both arms and slight numbness in the fingers, some left eye twitching (might be eyestrain), periodic loss of
  : muscle function in the right quadricep to the point of lossing extension
  : for short second of time.  Increased fatigue is present on a daily basis, especially after waking. The hair on the most numb patches is thinning to
  : a significant degree.
  : I have not seen many postings on the subject of thigh numbness and
  : would appreciate any input you have on the subject.
  I would still think that this falls into the same category as the sort of
  numbness seen in people who are overweight or pregnant,the condition is
  known as meralgia praesthetica and is by no means limited to people who are
  pregnant or overweight,it causes sensory loss in exactly the distribution
  you mention due to compresion of a nerve in the groin.
Apologies , reply uploaded too quickly,
Another possibility would be a nerve root compresion at the L3 / L4 level of the cord, this
would cause the sensory problems and also weakness of knee extension.
It would appear that you are having the correct in vestigation as an EMG
should be able to tease out these symptoms and localize the problem.
I cannot se adirect link between these local symptoms and the more systemic
problems you describe, these may ned to be separately investigated by an internist.

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