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Tightening Sensation from back to waist

  Please help...
  For the past six months I have been experiencing a tightening sensation, almost like a severe muscle spasm, that start in the middle of my back and progresses around my waist.  It feels like someone is tightening a corset as tight as they can.  It lasts for about 10-15 seconds each time.  Not sure if it is related, but I also experience some tingling & numbness on the side of my face.  It feels like I'm just getting over a novacaine shot & it has a prickling feeling from my ear to one side of my lips.  I had an MRI of my head about six months ago and I was told it was from the swelling of an ear infection.  At first, my doctor thought it could be trigemnial neuralgia, but I have no pain.  However, I still am having these episodes and I no longer have an ear infection.  Any advise or possible causes???
  Thank you so much!
I think it is unlikely that these episodes are connected, however the
problems you describe in your trunk sound like the sort of symptoms which
are experienced when there is a problem in one segment of the spinal cord,
like a disc pressing on the cord for instance.
This classically causes a tight feeling like a belt being pulled tightly
around the body  and is sometimes associated with a reduction in sensation
is this band shaped area.
If this continues you need to have your spine examined and probably imaged
by means of an MRI scan in order to clarify the underlying cause of the

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