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Just wanted to let others know my experience so far.
tingling/pins and needles/wake up to numb hands. Crawly feeling in the scalp. Feeling of wet skin. Went to Dr and he checked some spots on spine and legs. Said he didnt see anything that worried him. To return of symptoms worsened. They persisted. Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Went to answer... No phone. It was the left half of the tip of my penis that was vibrating- or felt like it was. Just like a phone. Cyclic. It happened for a couple of days. Then at work- ohhh another call... but this time I got up off my chair- as I though I was sitting on my phone. No phone. Yeah- my anus was now vibrating. Cyclic. I still had all the other symptoms. Tiredness in the legs at times. Itchy scalp, tinittis, tingling lip, hands felt moist- it would come and go, light headaches, sitting at desk- the feeling of being floaty- going sideways, feeling of dry mouth, tingling cheek, and other 'feelings' that were obviously nerve related..... I started keeping a log.  I then found some comments online on Gluten Sensitivity causing nerve issues. So I went on a Gluten Free diet as best as I could. Within 1 week the major tingling in legs was gone. Eventually the hands and scalp. To describe it--- at the peak- of all the symptoms- Id rate it a 100.....2 months into the Gluten free diet -id rate a 10.
I still sometimes feel mild sensitivity in the skin on my hands and feet, Like the nerves are hyper sensitive- like when I slide my feet under the covers-- the cloth sliding across my skin-- feels extra sensitive. Sometimes Ill feel a light internal vibration-- but it will be my phone. Other times- its not the phone- so they reappear- but theyre so light that I have to stop and think about it-- do I really FEEL it?. Sometimes Ill have a little surge in tingling in a few fingers... and when I think about what I ate... It can be traced to something that may have had gluten in it.
Im buying stuff thats Gluten Free. Though im not at  the point where I'm doing what Celiac sufferers do--- and really watch for cross contamination. Example- if my kids make a sandwhich with regular bread on a surface- I wont wipe it down to super clean. I just try to not eat Gluten. The test will come- to return to Gluten--- but its actually 'scary' to think ill have all these symptoms return. Im a runner.... and have not changed my running routine. A nice 'side effect is that with watching what I eat-(no Gluten) I actually lost 10 lbs.
I also began to take Magnesium Glycinate 400 with my evening meals and B Complex pill every few days (sometimes every day).  But the difference big. Cause and effect?  Is it really the Gluten?
Returning to Gluten and having the test done can answer that.
But from what Ive read- Gluten sensitivity has different effects/symptoms on different people. Turns out my cousin had migraine headaches and constipation. She went Gluten free and no more issues. Also lost weight.
So I wanted to post this- so others with similar unexplained symptoms like mine- can test out going Gluten free- and see if symptoms diminish significantly like they have for me- 2 months into this test.
By the way- I also was the type of person that ATE IT ALL....ALL.  Its amazing how much food contains gluten. So yeah- its sucked to not be able to have lots of that food.
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