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Tingling and more everything comes back clear

Hello,  I have had every test and everything comes back clear. Five weeks after giving birth are started having some numbness on the side of my left calf and left mid back spine when bending a certain way or holding things. I had some bouts of numbness on my face that went away. I felt like I had some blurry vision but was told I only had dry eye not sure but the OTC test came back normal by a neuro ophthalmologist. Had muscle tightness but that has improved. Eye sight has improved too. It progressed to tingling on my feet when they’re warm and my legs feel different always now and more on my left leg below knee but on my right leg below knee too. Also, my mid back feels different when my husband gives me a back massage but not tingly. It only is tingly mid back when bending over or sometimes when I hold my children or something heavy. My hands can be numb in the morning or get tingly if in a certain position for too long. My legs can feel different in the morning too. I had muscle weakness and tightness but that has improved. I notice the weakness returns if I get too sedentary so I try to go for a brisk walk daily and that really helps. I use to be nervous going up and down stairs but it has improved but I don’t think back to what it was.  My hands can get stiff if on my computer too long. I was having nerve shocks in my feet that have stopped. I have nerve shocks in my wrist when I pick up my baby sometimes. I have nerve shock feeling in my feet when I get out of bed in the morning unless I move my feet around first.  I had nerve shock on the side of my neck when turning occasionally but it has stopped. I had sensitive wrist when a shirt would touch it for a few days but it went away. My hands feel weak in the morning but if I stretch them they feel better. Sometimes my fingers seem a little more swollen in the morning. I have twitching in my right elbow here and there but it has calmed down. I had body wide twitching for a few months but it has really calmed down now too. I am thin and in my mid 30’s.

I have had MRI’s of my brain and spine a month after symptoms and again 9 months after symptoms started. All were clear besides a very small bulge that they said wouldn’t cause this. I have a spinal hemangioma they found on the second MRI on my cervical spine but the neurologist said it wouldn’t cause any symptoms. I had an EMG done by my neurologist a month after symptoms but before twitching. I had another EMG done by a muscular doctor who only does EMG’s two months after twitching. I have had test for autoimmune disease, thyroid test (all of them), b12 (which was low but now average), vitamin d (which was low but has improved), vasculitis test, MRI of my veins in my brain, heavy metal panel, cpk test, inflammation test, OTC test by neuro ophthalmologist, Lyme test, diabetes, and probably others I’m not thinking of- everything comes back fine.

At first I was worried it was something so bad but now I feel like it’s something that can be fixed if I could just figure out what it is. Any one out here that can give some ideas?
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