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Topical Metronidazole and PN

  Thank you for your excellent forum.  I have previously posted with numbness,
  tingling and right sided weakness of the extremities as well as right side of face,
  numbness of face and difficulty swallowing during episodes.  All tests, including the
  usual workup for vasculitis, MS, SLE, Epilepsy, Todd's seizures have been done
  with the exception of an MRA and LP.
  Only three results were positive: an area of decreased activity or flow on the
  left side of the brain, a weakly positive ANA and a high SED rate.
  In searching for information on Acne Rosacea for which I have been applying
  MetroGel and MetroCream for the last 2 years, I happened upon a list of
  side effects, some more serious than others, among which were CNS symptoms
  including numbness, tingling and weakness.  My pharmacist, on consulting the
  CPS, read of difficulties with the recent commercialization of MetroGel, with
  cases being recorded of the above side effects.
  Is it possible or even probable that my symptoms could have been caused by
  this topical drug? How long will it remain in my system?
  I know it's a shot in the dark, but I am hopeful that Metronidazole is the culprit.
  Many thanks.
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It always risky to say that som ethink is impossible but I think that
the results you describe are highly unlikely to be related to the use
of topical metronidazole.
The drug should be out of your system within 24-48 hours of use and the
amount absorbed systemically would in any case be miniscule.
I cannot see how this would lead to a high sed rate or ANA these results
are usually indicative of some sort of mild autoimmine process / arthritis.
I am not clear as to what sort of scan revealed the anomaly of blood flow
on one side of the brain but again cannot think of a plausible link
between the finding and topical metronidazole use.
It is not clear from the information avavilable what exactly is going on
here, but I suspect that the metronidazole will not turn out to be the

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