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Transient Ischemic Attack or Parlodel side effect?

Many times throughout the day, my eyes begin staring intensely. During this spell, it is difficult to break my eyes' staring. My pulse drops and my balance and speech  become terrible. This feeling lasts less than half a minute.

I am currently taking Parlodel for a pit. tumor. Have been taking it for almost years.

Is this a side effect of Parlodel or from the tumor? Or is this a transient ischemic attack?

I am F, 39 with a pit. tumor. Thyroid of .01

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I cannot give you a formal clinical opinion over the internet, as this site is purely educational

Have you addressed this problem with your doctor? If not, I suggest you do.

Its possible that it is a side effect, the only way to tell may be to stop taking the drug for a while - this should only be done with the close supervision of your doctor.

One possibility that should be looked into by your doctor is a seizure disorder, by doing an EEG test. TIAs usually result in abnormalities suchg as loss of vision in one eye, weakness of a limb, clumsiness of a limb etc. Sometimes with TIAs of the posterior brain circulation cause slurred speech, clumsiness, double vision - in this case an MRI and MR angiogram of the posterior circulation may be revealing, alhtough this would be unusual in your age group.

Good luck
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I've been taking Parlodel for more than 9 years but am trying to switch to Dostinex.

Sorry, this statement didn't make sense when I first posted!
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Have you had your free t-3 & free t-4 checked? Your TSH is alittle low & could suggest hyperthyroidism in which you can get most of those symptoms mentioned. Although your pulse slowing isn't indicative of high thyroid but it's still not out of the question. I had many of those symptoms with hyperthyroidism. Are you on any thyroid meds?
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