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Treatment options for chronic progressive MS

  I was diagnosed with MS in 1974, but I can trace it back to the late
  60's.  I have lost ground very slowly, but with few remissions.  In
  Dec., 1997, I begin to develop additional weakness.  In Jan., I took
  5 days of Solu-medrol and finished with a medrol dose pack.  Usually
  by the end of March I am "up and going" again.  This time I am still
  experiencing weakness and fatigue.  The question is:  What other
  treatment options are available for chronic progressive MS?
MS is a very difficult disease to live with and to treat, particularly the chronic progressive type. It looks like the MS specialists have not yet seen your posting, so I would suggest instead that you bring the question directly to them.
At CCF, we have a group of MS specialists at the Mellen Center, which is part of the department of neurology. These physicians see patients with MS all the time, and are up on the latest literature. They also conduct research, though I don't know specifically what studies are ongoing right now.
I suggest you call 800 223-2273 and ask for neurology appointments, specify the Mellen Center. After an initial evaluation, I expect you may be able to get some answers to your questions. I hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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