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Trembling/vibrating/shaking feeling at night Can anyone relate?

I am having weird trembling/vibrating/shaking feeling in my arms or neck and sometimes my jaw that wakes me in the night. (Each time a different area.) My husband says he can't feel it in bed.  I usually can sleep for the first 6 hours at night then I wake from theses "trembles" around 2-3am.  Sometimes they are stronger then other times.  Sometimes (only on occasion) I have a rush of awake feeling just before it happens.  (But no racing heart or breathing, not anxious) just a all of a sudden awake rush out of my sleep and instantly trembling that lasts 10 seconds in a wave of intensity.  Sometimes I just wake while I'm already trembling. Once it starts happening then each time I try to fall back asleep it awakes me again.  Three weeks after it first started then I also got a vibrating feeling in one or both arms sometimes during the day that can't been seen unless I am hold a spoon or something. Sometimes I just notice my hands are shaking without feeling the vibrating (noticeable when I do a small task like texting or holding my glass up to drink)  
I went to my GP about 3 weeks after it started.  She said anxiety and ran some blood tests. (No Lyme, no thyroid issue, no diabetes, no mercury).  But since it has continued for 3 months straight every single night she referred me to a neurologist. The appt. is next week.  I am so scared.  I am worried it's MS, seizures, or something.  Actually this constant problem has made me terrified because I can't figure it out!  Even worse would be living with this with no answers because I can't sleep.  I just want to be my "normal' again.
I've been searching the web trying to find an answer.  Has anyone experienced this?   Any ideas or advice? I'm 45 yr old woman and otherwise healthy.  I've had anxiety problems 20 years ago, but never these symptoms (and tremors came first this anxiety now followed.)  I had a partial hysterectomy 1 1/2 years ago, could it be hormonal?  I tried magnesium (no help), calcium with D (this seems to lower the intensity of the tremors and make the duration longer) but no real answers.

I should mention I started having high pitch ringing in my ears (mainly left but often both). About 2-3 months before this started.  Still having ringing, that never stopped.  That makes me think brain tumor?

I've read a lot of old posts about this.  Anyone out there ever figure out what causes this?
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There are  various reasons this can occur. A Dr. claimed I had “No fasiculations,” which made me wonder what it meant. I have many nerve vibrations running throughout my body. It started within a year of developing an RX Induced Movement Disorder. The main test is to have a Radiologist order “Clinical Correlation testing.”  A technician has to use Medical Grade Sand Paper on your scalp to attach electrodes.
I was only given Orthostatic Tremors at 13 to 14 Hz. It’s supposed to get worse while standing, but  my very shaky legs, don’t  improve while walking. I’m surprised they didn’t give me Hz readings from near my eyes, one of my worst areas.
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I have the same thing. Also going through anxiety. Did it ever stop for you? I hope it was just temporary and you're ok now.
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Hello, did you ever figure out what was going on. I feel like I am having the same thing happen to me. I still have yet to find anyone with a direct answer.
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Sorry to hear of all the terrible symptoms you've been having.
The MS is plausible, sorry to say. It could also be a pinched nerve in your back or neck...possibly due to the position you sleep in.

I was run through vigorous testing a few years back to test for MS. They have to rule out everything else to determine if it is MS, as there is no single test designed to specifically test for MS.

The ears is Tinnitus. It happens to the best of us. lol!
Ask to be checked for Meniere's Disease...which isn't really a disease at all, but a combination of symptoms pertaining to the ears.  This is what I was finally diagnosed with, instead of MS.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
In the meantime, if you aren't leary of them, I would suggest a trip to a chiropractor to try and rule out back issues being the cause of the symptoms.
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Thank you for your feedback.  I appreciate the support. I feel so alone in this.  I'm thinking it might be anxiety related but it's just so hard to believe that these strong symptoms could be anxiety! I'm sleeping, not even thinking anxious thoughts and trembling happens.  I found this online http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety-symptoms/body-tremors.shtml  But it is so hard to believe this!?! I wonder how long nerves can stay hyped up? (If that link is true.)
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I would really appreciate any feedback.  Does this sound like MS?  Night time seizures?  I'm feeling like this will never end.  
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