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Tremor Questions

  I was diagnosed with a non-intentional tremor a few months ago, but really don't know anything about what this diagnosis means.
  I feel like all my insides are shaking, so when I told my doctor this, he had me hold a sheet of paper out in front of me to see the shake.  This is the point that he diagnosed me with unintentional tremor.
  During this time, I wasn't too concerned with it, I was being evaluated for possible MS, and the tremor was the least of my worries.  But it has gotten worse lately.  I notice it all the time, other people can see/feel it, and the shaking seems harder than before.
  Can you please explain what a non-intentional tremor is,  what causes this, any treatment available, and if it will get worse  in the future.
  Thank you very much for your help.
There are two main types of tremor, intention tremor which is not present
at rest but becomes obvious when tha arm is outstretched to reach for something,
people with intention tremor tend to spill coffee etc.
This type isassociated with MS.
Non-intentional tremor or resting tremor occurrs whenthe hands are held
still rather than in the act of movement and may involve the head and
entire body.
The tremors arise from damage to different areas of the brain, resting or
(non-intentional or essential tremor ) is thought to be due to unknown
mechanisms in the basal ganglia area of the brain, there is often a family
history and sometimes patients notice that the tremor subsides after
taking alcohol.
There is a tendancy for this type of tremor to progress without treatment
but a number of drugs are available to treat this problem,two commonly
used drugs are Mysoline and Propanolol.

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