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My brother has recently over the last few months (~6) developed tremor.

He said he feels it all over his body, ususally after exercise or standing for a long time. He also exhibits it when making a tight fist or holding a fork, pouring liquid, etc. He said that it is bilateral and is not resting--that is, it is not present when he is at rest. The fingertip to nose and heel to shin tests are no problem for him, and during the former, he doesn't exhibit any strengthening or worsening of the tremor.

He does drink alcohol, perhaps more than moderately, 8 pints of beer maybe 3-4 times a week. He said that alcohol alleviates the tremor. Conversely, he said that smoking marijuana exacerbates it.

He is 38, overweight (6'1", ~250lbs), has SVT and takes 50mgs of atenolol per day. Of note, he said the tremor began after his last SVT attack that required a trip to ER and a corresponding increase in his atenolol prescription from 25 to 50 mgs. I have seen that beta blockers are prescribed for tremor, so this seems a bit odd.

Based on what I have read, it doesn't seem like it would be a Parkonsonian symptom. My question is would MS or cerebellar tremor be possible here? Or more likely just an essential tremor or a more minor problem.

Any insight would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
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In 2002, an ex tried to kill me. I think he damaged my spinal cord in my neck, but Clevlenad clinic states ther is no cerebral blockage. Anyway, since then... My right hand started tremoring. I have been put on so many different meds, I cannot remember much of my life. After ten years, this has progressed badly. I am 46 years old, been to many doctors... I poke my mouth with forks... Bang my teeth trying to drink with out a straw. However... Two years ago, I had a RNY. And since losing so much weight, my life got even worse. I now shake everywhere... Even in the chest, legs... I do have severe weakness. I now have panic attacks attempting to go out into public. I turn to alcohol. My problem is....it's such a releif to be able to write again and use a mouse...feed myself, paint... But after the RNY...I have no stomach and no longer an alcohol shut off valve. So... My tolerance level sprang up sky high...I now will drink outa relief ...till I pass out. I don't smoke and when not drinking I do take anti- anxiety meds. I am also on lamictal....which has been the only anti-seizure med that doesn't alter cognitive ability. my memory is terrible. I've got to find something else. Would smoking pot, or taking such similar pill legally help? possibly get me away from needing alcohol to stop shaking? I don't even know how to go about asking my doc. I quit seeing neuro docs... Gave up being an expensive trial monkey, that was fail after fail. Any worse and I will contemplate surgery.
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine your brother I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that he needs, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about his health concern.

Most common cause of tremors could be due to few medications/drugs, psychogenic tremor, Parkinson’s disease and Wilson’s disease and thyroid disorders. These possibilities need to be thoroughly evaluated with help of a neurologist to reach at probable diagnosis here. Hope this information proves helpful to you.  Take Care & Regards!!!

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