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Tremors after surgery

Hello.  In August I had a carotid body tumor removed.  The night of the surgery, I awoke at 2:00 am and then began an uncronrollable shaking similar to that of what one has when they have a fever.  Temperature was fine.  Blood pressure was 190/124.  We all assumed the blood pressure was causing the shaking.  However, it's been nearly a month, and the shaking spells have returned even though my blood pressures are back near normal.  They usually occur right after I wake up, and I have some small tremors in my hands and legs during the day.  When I tense my muscles, I can make them occur.  Additionally, it seems that every tendon in my body is tense / sore (from my rib cage to my elbow, from my goint to me knee, and some soreness in my forearm where they inserted a cathedar to monitor my blood pressure during the surgery.  My calf muscles seem to be sore now.  Last week, they felt as if they were numb.  All bloodwork has come back normal for lyme, lupus, platelet counts, liver and kidney funtions, sugar, and rheumatoid.  HIV was non responsive.  We are still waiting on blood cultures for bacteria findings within the blood.  I had 6-10 red blood cells and bacteria in my urnine, so we're treating a uninary infection now.  I feel muscle spasms in my legs too.  A few very small red spots popped up on my chest.  Nobody has identified them as petechiae, but they look similar from what I have found.  No swollen lymph nodes at all.  Frankly, my doctor has run out of possibilities, and is sending me to a neurologist.  I have also contacted my surgeoun at the place where the tumor (non cancerous) was removed, as the shaking never started until after the surgery (the night of).  On final thing:  I've been sweating at night, but not every night.  Obvisouly I'm taking the right steps by going to many sources.  Any ideas from your end?
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I'm doing a search for myself and came across something that may be helpful to you. I had similar problems as you did.  A year later I have developed tremors and dystonia.  I wonder if they are connected.

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I am 16 years old and I had a breast lump removed under general anesthetic 3 days ago. Since I woke up after the operation I have had constant tremors and shaking through my whole body. Ive also had changing body temperature and have woke up in cold sweats during the nights. Im really worried I dont know whats happening or if this is normal. can anyone tell me?
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I got ear surgery and I developed the same symptoms . I wonder if any of you found an answer after two years. I heard Demerol is very efficient.
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I have shaking 2 years after a surgery. Mine was definitely caused by the surgery. Never had it until after along with other issues. They gave me a plethora of drugs. Ruined my life in many ways.
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