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Trigemenal Nueralgia (upper lip numbness)

Posted By  Jan on April 16, 1999 at 18:40:48
Topic Area: Neuralgia
  Last April I had for the first time experienced this upper lip numbness
  on the left side of my face. At first it started in my lip and within 5
  minutes my gum and teeth and left nostril felt as if I had had anesthesia.
  I went to MUSC in Charleston SC and was immediately admitted into the
  hospital. Whilst there the neurologists ran MRI's, CAT scan, x-rays,
  several blood tests, ultrasounds, for 2 days and found nothing. The numbness
  disappeared by itself in about an hour. Ever since, I had this numbness
  recur in several ocasions, usually in the morning either immediately
  after shaving or brushing my teeth or putting after shave.
  Is this something I should be concerned about? is it possible that perhaps
  it is an allergy to a particular brand of shaving cream, after shave or
  tooth paste?  could it be stress related?
  I would be most thankful if you let me know what this may be, as I can't
  go to the hospital and see several doctors, spend several thousand dollars
  my insurance didn't cover to be told that don't know wht it is or that it
  "may" me trigemenal neuralgia.
  Usually this numbness lasts for up to 30-45 minutes and only covers my upper
  left lip, gum and teeth to the point that I cannot feel a needle and this
  concerns me. I'm 35 year old male and I have always been healthy.
  I will be looking forward to your response and thatnk you in advance for
  taking the time to read my condition.
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I  have had a similar problem, but it did not reach my nose, my upper and lower gum on the left side.  Prior to it happening, I had twitching in the upper left lip for about 5 days, then a fever blister appeared on the upper left lip, after the fever blister disappeared, I had a small amount of saliva coming out of the left corner of my mouth, then the day after that started, my upper left gum line went numb, then later that day the lower went numb.  The numbness spread to the left frontal part of my gumline and teeth.  This lasted about two weeks solid with no relief.I still have the numbness on and off.  
By chance did you have any of these symptoms too?

Posted by dr motaz el feky on April 17, 1999 at 20:19:34
i a trigiminal nuralgia is the diagnoses of your proplem you have to try first to avoid stress and have enough amount of b1,b6,and b12 beter in injection form if you still have the pain then you have to start a course of tegretol
tab 200mg one tab twice a day
this pain usualy resond to the drug if not responsive after 5 to 6 days send me an e mail

Posted by Jan on April 18, 1999 at 00:17:25
There was never any pain, just thought I would let you know.

Posted by To: Dr. CCF Neuro {P} MD - Your opinion on TN??? on April 22, 1999 at 20:00:52
Dear Dr. Neuro [P],
Is it possible to have numbness in the gumline upper and lower on one side, then have other episodes of tingling in the chin, one sided upper and lower lip areas, frontal  neck area, then off to one side of the frontal neck area as well as from the nose to the cheek area with periodic numbness and have it affect either side but never both sides at once and have no pain?  Would that be called trigenmal neuralgia?  Could this occur with dull electrical sensations in both feet?   Take it these episodes are 2 to 3 weeks apart one side or the other.
Thank you for any input or advise you may have to offer.

Posted by CCF MD mdf on May 12, 1999 at 22:41:42
Sorry this didn't get answered before.
For everyone's benefit: if you "sign" the follow-up post with "to CCF ..." in the "Your Name" box, it will cause us NOT TO SEE THE POST, and in fact the ENTIRE MESSAGE CHAIN disappears and will get archived automatically after some time passes.
Trigeminal neuralgia, by definition, involves pain. It is stabbing, usually very quick, often excruciating, usually on one side in a particular distribution over the mid-face or chin (less often over the forehead).
Your episodic numbness may in fact involve the trigeminal nerve, since that is approximately the distribution of the sensory fibers there. But I am at a loss to explain the problem.
I am sure the reason you got admitted and evaluated was the possibility of stroke or perhaps complicated migraine (at your age). Doubtful, given the regularity of the symptoms without anything else bad happening. Allergy is unlikely ("allergy" is a loosely used term, but has a specific medical meaning involving certain activity of the immune system).
I wonder if there is some local compression of a branch of the trigeminal nerve, given the specific activity that you report which reliably triggers it.
I don't know how to interpret the sensations in your feet. It certainly isn't something involving the trigeminal nerve.
I'm not sure what to advise you. My sense is that it is benign but you should get checked out quickly if you develop other symptoms.
I hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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