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Trouble swallowing and muscle twitching

I had a baby 5 months ago- she is great!  Ever since she turned about 2 months old I have not been feeling myself.  It started with pain on urination- I went to several doctors and they cannot really tell me what is causing it.  Then I developed an eye twitch in my right eye.  Then in my left.  Then I started getting twitches all over my body.  I went to several doctors- including a neurologist and each one of them has said anxiety.  The day after I went to the neurologist I felt like I had dry mouth.  I am terrified though that it might be something like ALS. Can anyone help?
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Hi there I am sorry your not feeling well you should be able to enjoy this time with your new baby. First of all I do not think you have ALS this disease is very rare and affects mostly males. When you have a baby your body goes through so many changes that it takes it about a year to return to normal, with that said this probably has something to do with the way you are feeling. Also you now have someone else to worry about besides yourself so naturally your worried something is going to happen to you. It very well could be anxiety but it could also be hormonal especially thyroid issues which can cause fasciculations "twitching" I would suggest you see your doctor for a full blood work up if it does not show anything, try to take a multivitamin everyday get some exercise, do try to make time for yourself. I speak this way because I had the exact same thing happen to me I am still here breathing and fine. Please try to relax and enjoy your new baby.
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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well at such a special time in your life.  I agree with cjzabel...you have a whole new outlook on life with this new responsibility.  I can remember signing up for skydiving lessons, then learning I was pregnant.  After the birth of my daughter, I cringed at the thought of doing anything so insane...22 years later, I still value my life so much more because of her.  With motherhood comes stress and anxiety, but it is soooo worth it!!  I would listen to your dr's and believe what they tell you.  Otherwise, you will miss very special times with the new family addition.  As far as the painful urination, you might want to mention that as it could be something as simple as a UTI.  Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day.
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I heartily agree with both the people who have posted. Also, when you had painful urination I assume the doc checked for an infection.  If that was negative, you may well have had a viral infection of the bladder (yes, they occur there, too).  That may have set off the muscle twitching.  To ease your mind google "benign fasciculation syndrome"  or, here on MedHelp, go up to the Search on the menu bar and do the same search.  Generalized twitching is so common and usually not serious at all. Tons of people complain of it and the neuro docs have given some good answers.

Muscle twitches, or fasiculations, occur in ALS, but they are a LATE symptom, after the muscle has become weak and begun wasting away.  Go have your doc check you out thyroid and all.  And heed the advice of cjzabel and skyhag.  They're right. Learn some relaxation techniques and enjoy your little one.

Tightness in the throat and difficulty swallowing are classic symptoms of anxiety and fear.  And it's another good reason to have you thyroid checked.

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