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Trying to meditate and relax, sudden rush of blood and blurry vision happened

Hello everyone,

about 20 minutes ago the weirdest thing happened again (it happened last week once too)
i slept for about 2 hours and then when i woke up i tried to meditate a bit. what i mean by that is that i was trying to clear my head and just go into a huge relaxation state.
Thing is that i was feeling really good then all of the sudden i felt like i was being elevated somewhere in the air and a sudden rush of energy came through me. i started to have some kind of visions, my legs were like in the air (but in reality i didn't move) and felt like my heart was pumping like mad. I freaked out and i trying to snap out of it, i reached my chest, couldn't feel my heart beat at all, so on the outside i don't think i did anything.
I didn't scream or anything.
I got up and started googling and found this website and some other stories like this one. The only drugs i take are 2 pills three times a day, one for faster digest and one for releasing some pains in the colon (irritated colon said the doctor who prescribed these).
So to sum  up, i felt like i was literally high, had chills on my back, sensed huge energy through my body and i felt OK with it but suddenly i felt i was sucked into something, and when i started to have blurry vision and see stuff i panicked.
From what i remember it started with me starting at something on the ceiling for like 20 seconds until everything got blurry, and when i THINK i rolled my eyes over all of this started.
Anyone had this too?
Should i be worried?
Did blood tests a few times the past few months and I've had huge improvements (been on a diet and i wanted to check up on those too).
Thanks a lot
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