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Twitching and Back Pain

  I am a 19 year old female suffering from a number of problems.  In June I started experiencing back pain in both my upper and lower back.  I was involved in a car accident in May.  After making an appointment with my physician I was prescribed Naprosyn for a week.  The doctor had 15 different X-rays taken of my back.  When the x-rays came in the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with my spine (alignment being fine and no damage to the soft tissue.)  After taking the medication for a week my back gave me no problems.  I was also told at the doctors office that my blood pressure was high and that I had an irregular heart beat.  I've since then had an EKG done and no problems were found.  Anyways over the past two weeks the pain has returned to my upper back.  Between my shoulder blades and I've begun experiencing muscle spasms and twitching in my right thumb, my left eye and my left foot.  Could these problems be related?  Could they be serious?  Please help.  Thank you!
Dear Deena:
Pain between the shoulder-blades and twitching of the right thumb could result from a pinched nerve in the neck. This pinching (if present) may or may not be related to your prior neck and low back pain, or to the injury that you suffered. I do not know how the twitching in the left foot and left eye figure in. Intermittent twitching of muscles is often a normal phenomenon.
If your symptoms are persistent and significantly bothersome, a neurological consult is something you may benefit from. Let me reassure you, however, that it is quite unlikely that you have any serious neurological problem.

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