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Twitching, muscle pains

For the last few years, maybe longer, I noticed I have random muscle twitches from time to time. My bicep might jump a little, or my leg muscle might twitch a bit, and I would just ignore it. But last year I told my doctor the muscle twitching was getting a bit more frequent and stronger, for example my bicep would twitch for more than a minute and it would look and feel strange. At the time, I was just about to turn 40 and she said it was stress and to ignore it and try to get healthier. A few weeks ago after a short travel, I noticed my body was twitching a lot more, and then suddenly I got this high fever, around 39 degrees, and my entire body was twitching like crazy, chills, headache, and terrible neck pain. After a week it passed but my body still twitches a bit throughout the day. Not quite as awful as when I had a fever, but a few times a day and noticeable.

I saw two neurologists, the first laughed at me and said it's nothing and likely benign muscle fasciculation. I went to a second neurologist for a second opinion and he tested my strength in my arms, legs and hands, and sensitivity to a feather touching my knees, and said it was likely benign and not MS or ALS. No one in my family has this kind of problem. I've read several posts from others online about this and it seems common, however the muscle aches and twitches are not going away... so I'm trying to trust the two neurologists, but I still suspect something is off with my body. Any thoughts or ideas?
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Hi, I have had those (and other nerve problem) for 8 years now, first I was told I might have MS but later a great neuro figured out that I have Sjogrens in my CNS. I had no bad dryness in eyes but a little dryness in mouth (had not really noticed it).  It is often difficult to find out what causes this, and in my case it took 5 years.  But most often it is nothing serious, so try not to  worry too much.
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Thank you Dagun, that was very nice of you to reply. I thought perhaps no one would respond. I saw three Neurologists and they all said just about the same thing, that I have benign muscular fasciculation syndrome and that they don't know what is causing it. I'm still twitching all the time, and my joints, hands, feet, and especially my knees hurt on and off. I'm trying to ignore it and see if I get used to it and then can get on with my life, but it is hard.
You should keep Sjogrens in your mind if you get more symptoms and maybe ask your doctor about it when you see him next. But I hope you get better soon.
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