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URGENT!! IQ is decreasing!

  What kinds of neurological disorders can result in an actually loss of IQ points. Over the last three years I have had a 17 point loss in my IQ, I have memory problem, and problems with concentration. I am having problems with numb/tingling sensation in left ear (also ringing/buzzing),shoulder/arm/hand/low back/hip/leg/foot. I have had sharp/stabbing pain in my right eye, followed by blurring/double vision, which has remained since Sept. I have intermitant transient patches of numbness. Periods of my legs going numb and unable to support my weight, and or knees folding. My arms refuse to respond at times and just flop like rag dolls. I have had breif periods of dizziness. Cold causes severe muscle spasms, which do respond to Baclofen, 60mg., per day. Heat causes extreme fatigue, and some increase in the blurring of vision. I have various spots of a strange buzzing/vibrating sensation around my body. some are visable, some are not. I also have a vibrating sensation when flexing my neck in certain positions. I noticed that at the last neuro visit that when he ran the sharp object down the bottom of my feet they did nothing. Is this normal? I have also been DXS., with a neurogenic bladder, and am on Ditropan 10mg. three times a day, and self-cath., twice daily. I hope I have not left out anything. Your opinion on this subject would be greatly appreciated. God bless.
The loss of points on an IQ test is not necesarily a significant indicator
of severe neurological disease, IQ tests are fairly subjective tests and
performance can be severely affected by factors such as increasing age, stress,
depression,intercurrent illness, pain, medication (including baclofen).
In other words if you are under severe stress because of your symptoms
and this undiagnosed disease it is not surprising that your performance declined.
If IQ declines as a result of primary neurological disesae conditions like
Alzheimer's , other forms of dementia, multiple small strokes and MS may be
Your symptoms have some suggestion of MS but are not completely typical,
the bladder problems and worsening with cold are however fairly classical.
The absence of a response when the sole of your foot is scratched is
necessarily significant, the response is very dependent on the way the
test is performed.

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