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Ulnar nerve problem - hand shakes while writing

  I am 26 years old and am having Ulnar nerve problem. From the last 4 years I am unable to write because the nerves in the last 2 fingers of the right hand are not getting proper blood supply from the brain. When I try to write, the hand starts shaking and I have to change the angle of my wrist to write. This causes acute and chronic pain in the wrist.
  I do not remember any specific event or accident which might have resulted in this. However, I was born in a town having a Atomic Power Plant. Radiation after effects have been positively diagoned in the area.
  If you think you have any solution to this strange problem of mine, please contact me on my e-mail or at the following address :
  Vishal Sood,
  Finance Deptt.,
  Salalah Port Services Co SAOG,
  PO Box - 369, Salalah, PC - 211,
  Sultanate of Oman.
  Phone - 00 968 - 219500 Extn. - 206.
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I do not think this problem can be linked to radiation, the particular
symptom you mention is not described as a complication of radiation
I think there is some sort of confusion also, this has to be either
due to the ulnar artery or the ulnar nerve, problems with the nerve
will not cause poor blood supply and blood supply problems will not affect
the nerve.
You need to have this investigated by means of an EMG examination to
document whether this is in fact due to the nerve or is a purely arterial problem.
This is a very distressing and disabling symptom but the first step in
taking care of oit will have to be the idebntification of the underlying
cause, at this stage this does not seem to have been done.

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