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Unexplained Chronic Pain in Both Feet Over A Year

So I'm getting pretty desperate for answers/relief at this point and any help is greatly appreciated!

I've had very bad chronic foot pain in both feet for over a year now, specifically in the heels, arches, and tendon right below the inside ankle bones. It started out in military training in one foot and i was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and given over the counter orthotics. That seemed to help for a little while but then the pain came back and got worse and worse. It's gotten to the point where no orthotic is really helping (And I've tried multiple custom orthotics and over the counter ones from different doctors).

I have had X-rays, MRI, an EMG with negative results and most recently a diagnostic ultrasound in which the doctor told me that everything looks normal in my feet. No scar tissue, no nerve being compressed or damaged, no tears, and nothing broken. One doctor a while back told me it could be tarsal tunnel syndrome but I don't have any numbess, tingling or nerve damage according to all of the imaging I have done.

I also recently saw a rheumatologist to get blood work done because my last podiatrist thought it could be something systemic. But that all came back negative/normal as well. anti inflammatory medications don't work at all, regardless of what it is.

I do have a lot of feet pain in the morning but its not the sharp heel pain that gets better as you walk. It's a stiffness/heaviness type pain I feel more going towards the toes. It gets a little better as I loosen up.

Standing is definitely the worst as I can't stand for very long at all without at least an orthotic. But I also get A LOT of burning pain while I'm sitting down all day, which really isn't normal with plantar fasciitis. I have trouble just wearing shoes all day. The only relief I get is when I take shoes and socks off which I can't really do at work.

I don't have pain anywhere else on my body except my heels, arches, and tendon below the ankle bone (inside). Yet I'm BAFFLED that as much pain ive been in, not a single thing is showing up on imaging.

I'm starting to think this is all in my head and I'm just going crazy. Could this be something with my lower back or legs??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is not my specialty, but when you said you are having the same problem in both feet, I'm thinking maybe your lower back might be involved.  Just a thought.  
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I have cervical spinal stenosis on the cervical spine with myelopathy. I'm 43 which is really young to have this issues and I don't know why..I finally found the answer for my symptoms after about 4 yrs. One of the many odd symptoms was feet pain that lasted for some time. I felt like I lost the fat from the bottom of my feet and it caused discomfort to walk on them and especially bare. I went away or I got used to it or both. I have discomfort now but not bad. I have no idea if this has anything to with your problem but I hope to help anywhere I can since I have been undiagnosed for 4 yrs without an answer until now which may not be too late.
Good luck,
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