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Unexplained symptoms!!?!

I have posted here before because of my anxiety related symptoms.at the beginning of last year i experienced what felt like tingling iny fingers but i focussed greatly on that despite it feeling okay within the same day. i began reading on the net and came across mutliple sclerosis as being a cause for tingling etc.post that since the last one year all i have done is regularly keep reading on the net and get worked up.i should state that i exercise regularly and have no fatigue etc/problems being in heat..i have in the past had neck/shoulder pain which i attributed to posture and the same did get resovled...i started reading about phantom MS symptoms of water feeling on skin and low and behold i started experiencing it.not as much water dripping on a limb but more like chilled pin pricks..when i felt more calmed down in the summer of last year they disappeared. PS-at times there was water around wherein i could see droplets on my phone kept next to me so felt that maybe my skin had become overly sensitive to this...

i should also add that i read up on what lhermitte sign is and starting doing my own incorrect (which i realised later) neck manouvers which proved detrimental becausey neck started hurting a lot ( i made a lot of whiplash movements) and now i can hear my neck crack...any sensation that is produced is i feel quite postitional.

Moving on, on and off ive read about symptoms and often felt that after reading any uncommon symptom, i have maybe fleeting felt the same. pain in body but not actual weakness ( i have been doing high-intensity workouts ,sometimes twice a day and not felt tired). weridly at times my face feels heavy or there seems to be some sort of pressure, feels better when i open my jaw etc.i have some sinus issues as well...i would experience some dull facial pain and made myself believe thag it is trigeminal neuralgia however later was given to understand that trigeminal nerve pain feels different altogether.some days ill feel a cold sensation on forehead (maybe also cause winters are gng onf around me) to a cold feeling on chest which doesnt excatly stay.some day a tingle around one side of nose to some muscle twitches here and there...and everything that i have experienced i have googled or googled first and then experienced. to the extent that i keep doing testing myself with babinski test (all good), hoffman or Romberg( all seem okay) multiple times. these weird bodily sensations never really go to the next day also and resolve within the same day; ive also felt that if i dont focus on them they arent really there...numbness if any exists at night if i have slept of my arm at night etc or held the phone in my hand for too long thereby resolving when i change position almost immediately..at times im scared my speech is getting impacted,sometimes hearing but it all really feels like its in my head...like with the hearing one or two words on tv even my partner couldn't hear correctly but i made myself believe thay it was only me...

so basically i feel tired because i haven't stopped reading on the net.i have good and bad days but ive been in this state for about a year...at times stressed to the point that ive developed loose motions out of sheer stress.

what sort of help should i seek?
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