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Unusual symptoms

I have had unusual symptoms going on for almost two years now. First I had pins and needles sensations widespread over my body and occasional muscle twitching and after a few weeks it went away. A few months later the sensations and muscle twitching came back with some other symptoms such as ears ringing, lower back pain, hamstring muscle cramps, some bladder incontinence, and a general shaky feeling. I visited a neurologist because of a concern that it might be MS or something else and had an MRI and general exam. The Dr. said the MRI came back clear and my exam was normal. She felt MS was not a possibility because my symptoms were widespread and it doesn't usually appear like that. True? I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and she felt that it was probably all related to my thyroid disorder. I have been on medication for a few months and still have these symptoms off and on. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time.
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Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Glad that the MRI and exam were ok. Your doc is partially right. When there's widespread numbness and tingling along with other scattered symptoms, it's difficult to localize the lesion to specific spots in the brain that may be damaged by MS. However, there is a small amount of patients who DO have nonspecific, vague neurologic symptoms that don't localize anywhere and the MRI shows classic MS spots throughout the brain and spinal cord. In your case, though, the MRI (should have brain AND spine) was clean which makes the diagnosis of MS much less likely. If you didn't have the spine imaged, you should talk to your doc as MS can show up there too.
Hypothyroidism can certainly be a cause of your symptoms. Once treated adequately, your symptoms may improve. Another test that may be helpful is an EMG to see if this a problem of your peripheral nerves. Laboratory workup such as ANA, sed rate, blood count and electrolye profile can also help rule out other potential problems such as lupus and other rheumatological disorders. Finally, you can always seek a second opinion. Good luck
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I have been having similar symptoms for the past 30 - 40 days:
tingling in my legs and feet
wake up numbness in my hands
lower left eyelid twitch

I went to the doctor on April 18th and she did a full blood test to rule out "common" things that cause numbness (diabetes, thyroid, vitamin deficiency, anemia, etc.)  My tests all came back normal.  

I am making myself a nerve end obsessing about the possibility of MS.  I spoke with my Dr. about this and she does not seem overly concerned.  I want to go see a neuro but she doesn't think it is necessary.  I wish I didn't have an HMO, I'd make an appt. myself.  I go back to my primary on May 16th and I'll try to push her again.  

I've also been trying everyday to post a message on this board but it tells me that it is full.  I can't believe I finally found someone with similar symptoms.  Please keep me posted on your progress.

Good luck to us all
God Bless,
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I understand what you are going through. I have had very similiar symptoms that you describe.  About 2 months ago, I had numbness/tingling almost all over (hands, arms, feet, lower legs, back, neck, face, head).  I was convinced I had MS.  I went to the doctor had some routine blood tests.  I also had a brain MRI which came back clear.  I then developed some small jerks and twitches (fasciculations).  I went to a MS specialist at the Mellen Center who said I had benign fasciculations and had nothing to worry about.  He would not order any more tests.In my blood tests, I had some elevated T4 (which may be hyperthyroid).  I have read that hypothyroid can cause the numbness/tingling though.  From what I understand, it is more uncommon to have widespread symptoms with MS (particularly when it first presents itself).  I was feeling better about it, but now I think I have a bladder infection or something as I am having increased frequency of urinating.  So now I am freaking out again as this can be a symptom of MS.  I would try for more tests if possible at least to ease your mind - like some MRI's or something.  Make sure they are closed if you can handle it. But it sounds like it is probably your thyroid or something benign.  Has others had similiar symptoms - numbness/tingling, twitches, bladder infections?  I am very scared.
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i too have had all of the above symptoms.  I went to my family doc- had routine bloodwork- all normal.  he suggested a neurologist.  Then had a ton more bloodwork and an emg.  Blood was normal but emg showed an unknown neuropathy.  Then had a mri of spine and brain- all normal.  Then a spinal tap- normal again.  Doc suggested either Mayo clinic or a chicago university.  I went to a hospital in chicago and repeated blood and emg.  They told me I was fine and showed no signs of neuropathy and that if the docs office was cold it could have thrown off the test(im glad i spent 2000.00 on a test for no reason).  After all is said and done I'm  twitching all over all the time i cant exercise my legs cramp my toes cramp my stomach knots up and i am the most ******* healthiest person in the world.  The docs says im fine and that its beningn faciculation syndrome(please, thats like saying your arm hurts and then telling you you have arm hurting syndrome).  If they dont know then admit it dont assign some stupid *** term that means nothing.  My neuro told me to see a colleage of his for  further testing.  **** that.  These docs dont listen to you, they finish your sentences, they look at you like your some ******* hypochondriac, they rush you out to get to the next patient so they can get to the golf course.  I am at the point that if i am sick or  dying then so be it.  I cannot afford any more useless tests and worthless medication or time off of work.  I  hope you all have more luck than i did.  If you go back into all of these logs not a single person has ever had a correct diagnosis from any of their docs-ever.  Stop wasting your money and get on with your lives.  michael  ***@****
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I think I'm beginning to agree with Michael. Either we're healthy or we have some disease, we won't know what it is until it's totally obvious to the medical community. My new sense of normal is different than before and I'm having to adjust to that fact. It's just been very frustrating in the meantime to accept that reality. You can't put your life on hold waiting for someone to tell you something specific that you have.I'm seeing more posts to this board with these type of symptoms and I've never seen anyone write back with a final diagnosis of a disease.
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I am 36 years old and have had symptoms for at least a year now.  I started with head pressure above my eyes, behind my ears and at the crown of my head.  It progressed to singling in my arms and legs as well as painfull muscle twitching, ringing and pressure through my ears.  Leg and hand stiffness.

I, too, have had the brain MRI for MS, an EMG (twice), full body nuclear bone scan, an array of blood work, and evoke potential test, sinus xray, neck xray.... so on, so on, so on.

Everything negative (good, I guess, except that I am still in pain).

If any of the others on this site figure out what they have, please let me know.  I, too, am getting the "what now" from my doctors.

Good luck to all.  (I am happy that everything is negative so far, but like you, I am wondering what the heck is going on.)

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I have just started having these symptoms (almost 2 months) and I am starting to wonder if I will find out what is wrong with me or if it will just go away or if I will have to just learn to live with it.  

It started with just tingling and numbness in one hand and arm accompanied by pain and burning - and has progressed everywhere - including my face.  I have some bladder problems and some muscle twitching and spasms.  I am also extremely tired - all the time. I have had blood tests for thyroid, diabetes, lupis - and a c-spine MRI - all negative.  No one seems concerned because my motor ability "does not seem impaired."  

It is frustrating to know that something is wrong with your body - and to have doctors tell you that nothing is there.
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Isn't it funny that if they can't find any objective symptoms then there must not be a problem.  My gross motor abilites are also intact by my sensory is just haywire.  The pain I have in the back of my head/neck somedays is just unbearable. The pins and needles in my hands and feet tend to come and go.  Ringing in the ears, and sound sensitivity that literally startles me. Stomach problems like spasms in the throat and feeling like rocks sitting in my stomach. The fatigue OH the fatigue!! My muscles just ache which feels like I just completed a strengeous work out but actually I am barely able to get out of bed and the next day my muscles won't hurt at all.  I have had many tests all negative like the rest of you so it must "all be in my head". I actually was told by a doctor that I was "hormonal". I have been tested for lyme, lupus,and thyroid. No tumor or spinal problems.  I am waiting for another neurology appointment to look into MS or perhaps a neurotoxin of some sort. I know there is something wrong with me.  I have always been healthy and all these problems came right out of the blue. I am determined to find a answer no matter how long it takes.  I wish everyone the best and hope you find answers soon!!
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Hi  (esp Terry-Sue)

I too have similar symptoms and went through the same frustration with doctors just scratching their heads and throwing anti-depressants at me. I eventualy went for a second opinion to a neurosurgeon and went through the same tests (blood, mri, eeg etc) which were pretty much normal but he also did a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and found my pressure to be too high (Intercranial Hypertension). This can cause all sorts of neuro problems and is frequently missed by non-specialists. From my experience a spinal tap should be a mandatory step for any neurological condition that does not have a clear cut diagnosis.

It is very tempting to assume MS with these symptoms (as I did and got very scared) but similar problems are reported by folks with confirmed conditions like Meniere's Disease, Pseudotumor Cerebri/Benign Intercranial Hypertension (PTC/BIH) or Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACM). It is certainly worth mentioning these to your doc to at least get them eliminated.

Since becoming ill I have done a lot of research on the internet to try to understand why I feel so bad. It makes you realise you may not be a hypochondriac after all!

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I have been dealing with dizziness/numbness&tingling in the head, neck, hands and feet/ringing in both ears/frequent urination/gross fatigue/memory problems/muscle weakness for over three years.

During the past couple of months I wake from a sleep and the tingling and numbness is really bad.  It's wierd because my head has these waves or short circuit feelings.  I have had lots of test, tried chiro, accupuncture, massagage therapy, tens therapy etc:  I did have tests showing elevated mecury levels so I recently had my 7 mercury fillings removed at a cost of 7K.
And recently started a Detox product called NDF.  I HAD NO IDEA SILVER FILLINGS ARE 50% MERCURY!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I spent 11k out of pocket on tests and trying different treatments.

My 5 year old daughter and wife have seen me constantly sick for over three years now and I promised to take them to Disney for a few days.  My daughter is so excited but, I am sick.  Maybe we will just try to go and put it into the hands of the Lord.

Last year was a bad year for my daughter as she broke her arm and while vacationing with her mom in Brazil had an accident and received 2nd degree burns down her arm and leg.

It seems like a lot of people in all age groups have these peculiar symptoms.  Most Doctors I go to say I am to young for these symptoms, they normally happen when your much older and the body ageing.

If anyone would like to email me my email is:

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I have also been having similar problems. My sympthoms havebeen a little different thought. I have had shakyness, nervousness, chest pain, abnormal pressure feelings in my eyes, tingling in  my back and fatigue. I am wondering what could be causing this. I am currently going to an endocrinologist and have recently (within 3 yrs) been diagnosed with hypogonadatrophic hypogonadism. I am currently taking growth hormone injections and testosterone gel for this. If there is any suggestions on what the cause might be, just post me a message right on the same page that i did and i will check up on this periodiocally.
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Although it doesn't resolve the problem, it is really helpful just to hear from others with the same problems.  

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