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Vagus Nerve Issue

Is this a vagus nerve issue?

My mom had 2 instances in which she completed a barium test and in an hour she stopped breathing and her heart stopped.  The first time the barium test was given as on an outpatient bases.  She completed the test with no problem but in an hour she fainted off, heart stopped beating and she stopped breathing. She was rushed to the medical center.  She had foam in her mouth as though she had a seizure.  At the hospital, they revived her and put her on the ventilator.  She was found to have pneumonia and low protein level.  The CT scan and MRI showed no signs of stroke or brain injury.  She stayed in the hospital on antibiotics for 26 days.  On the day she was to be discharged, the medical center gave her a barium test to test her swallowing.   The test was uneventful.  In an hour or so, her IV catheter was removed and she fainted off, heart stopped beating and she stopped breathing.  Since she was in the hospital they called a code and she was revived.  After being revived, she started having seizures or a lot of involuntary movement of the right arm, slight movement in the left arm and heavy movement in her mouth area.  The CT scan shows nothing.  Her heart is fine; she is breathing thru a ventilator but strong, but she continues to have seizures and her blood pressure is extremely low.  Her blood pressure increase after given medication.  The doctors are puzzled.  Someone said that it may be the vague vein but the doctor does not think so.  He is lending more toward a stroke but has no sign of a stroke.
Also, before the incident, my mother complained of feeling high, problems breathing and feeling extremely fatigued.  She had numerous nightmares and was sometimes unable to determine what was real during the initial wake-up period.
Any thoughts!!  Are the any resources I can utilize that may be of assistance?  Does this sound familiar?
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There can be several reasons of her symptoms although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. It may be vagus nerve issue as this nerve supplies in many major organs like heart, lungs, stomach, palate, esophagus etc. Therefore, vague nerve damage or compression can cause bradycardia (decreases heart rate), arrhythmia, voice changes, difficulty in swallowing, gag reflex, constipation and incontinence but its damage does not cause dehydration. Therefore, I would recommend you to consult her treating neurologist who can evaluate the details of her case and could better determine the insight of her situation. Hope this helps.
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First, address the complete and utter negligence of the hospital staff KNOWING she had an adverse(ALLERGIC) reaction to the barium the first time they NEVER should have given her that test again.  This could now be a permenant condition.  

The Dr. above is only saving face which is what doctors do.  Common sense SHOULD TELL HIM this is outrageous.  Never go back to that hospital or those doctors again because they could make the same mistake AGAIN but next time they may not be able to revive your Mom.  Find a homeopathic Dr. that can help with the neuropathy and nerve damage.  Believe it or not, Yoga is enormously helpful.  Deep breathing actively lowers body acidity, raises alkaline levels, and helps the ENTIRE BODY HEAL.  Sometimes it's the only thing that can calm the Vagus Nerve...ample doses of clean oxygen.  When the oxygen levels go down, acidity goes up, then we are open to a host of cell damage and infection.  Stomach issues often CAUSE vagus nerve damage--like acid reflux.  

It certainly sounds like Vagus Nerve Damage, and this can be irreversible.  Doctors are poorly trained--for example:  a Neurologist will have little to NO training or accessable education in Endocrinology, they'll keep the fields seperate which is where our health goes remarkably downhill.  This in turn "keeps" an enormous amount of vital information from them.  Like how they are curing life-threatening Epilepsy & even Autism with Trans Cranial Magnetic stimulation of the Vagus Nerve.  Look up John Elder Robison--he's a huge advocate and a friend.  He'll tell you all about it!  

FIND your mothers cures--DON'T wait for doctors.

Good Luck.
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