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Vagus Nerve


For the past 5 years I have struggled with at times dibiliating symptoms which I believe are somehow related to  some kind of damage or disfunction to my Vagus nerve. I did something to my mid section of my back causing severe muscle spasm's for about 2 months on and off and hurting my hiatal hernia.  I have asthma and experienced a great deal of chest band like sensations and shortness of breath as well. A few months later I began to have uncontrollable yawning and neurological senstations, off balance tremors etc.  Over the next 5 years I have had repeated episodes of the above including nerve sensations from my left inner ear down to my rectum area. I struggle with constipation and stomach issues being now only able to eat very small amounts of food before I am full.  I have random hand tremors and have episodes of what I would call total paralysis for a few seconds at a time when my body completely freezes up.Right now I am on my second dose of steroids to treat Asthma, severe shortness of breath, even tho all of my lung functions are showing up as normal.  I know this sounds like a lot and its not all of it to be honest. At first 5 years ago I was deteremined to find out what was wrong with me..from being pretty much healthy to not. I have since then and after many trips to doctors and tests just try to live with the unknown. However I'm  just reaching out right now... I really have a strong supicion that my thoughts are right and somehow this is related to my vagus nerve... the nerve that goes well you know from right outside the ear....and down. If anyone can shed light....

Kindest Regards     (sorry for any words I that were not spelled correctly...there is no spell check ;-)
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Hi, I am undiagnozed and have alot of strange things going on. I have been reading much about the vagus nerve, because of some of my symptoms.
I´m thinking that I might have some strange kind of ms, or something simular, my neuro is trying to help me figure out. It can take a long time to show on MRI´s so I´m being patience for now.

Mine symptoms seems to come in flares, sometimes for week, 2 weeks and some have been from beginning. But one of the thing that I had for awhile was a feeling like I was full, all the time, that could be something called gastroparesis.

I also did have the feeling like the stomack did not close well enaugh at the top. That led to a feeling like GERD, so I went to a gastrodoctor that did the tube check of the stomack and he did not see any signs of GERD. Around the same time I also had neck tightness and swallowing problem, that can also be related to the vagus nerve. I also have had many other strange symptoms, but I feel like not so many know about the vagus nerve and what it does.

Sorry about my English,
My best,
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Thank you for your reply. I received a message from someone who was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. He received a couple of negative tests before showing up positive. I have been tested and showed up negative, but will ask again in regards to it.

I do find it odd that the Vagus nerve seems almost a myth to Neurologists when I ask about it, I feel as though I am talking in a foreign tongue. I cannot be sure it is sole Vagus related, and do not know the cause however I do know my nerves are being greatly affected. I hope you manage to figure out your situation and will surely keep you posted if I find any results. Kind Regards.
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Yes, it is so right what you said about Vagus nerve being like almost a myth or something, that is exacly what I ´ve been thinking :).

And yeah keep my posted if/when you get some new answers about this.

Best regards,
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