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Valparin 200 Side Effects - Learning disability

Hello Doc, My daughter had febrile convulsion for the first time when she was 2.5 yrs & was put on Valparin 200 syrup.  That year she had convulsions thrice (always with slight fever) always after a gap of more than 3 months. As she grew the gap between the convulsions also increased from 6 months to 8 months & by God's Grace coming April 2014 she will complete 2 yrs without convulsion. During these years she had undergone several EEG Tests & MRI thrice & they found some abnormalities (though not major).
She is a very beautiful child aged 8+ yrs,  weight 22+ kgs,(tall as compared to same age children) a normal child –speaks, walks, sings, dances, cries, gets angry, expresses emotions, recognizes –even roads & a very active (infact hyper active) child.  
But : 1) Does not sit at one place for long;  2) Does not / or cannot focus on one thing at a time  3) Does not follow instructions   4) Very stubborn at times.    5) Academics:  Verbal – OK     Written – Still unable to write A – Z without dots.    This is her fourth school but she still is in the play group. She cannot take the pressures of the written work of the school.
Probably due to Valparin, most of the above symptoms are side effects       Kindly advise -   1) Can we further reduce her dosage; though she is on reduced dosage of 5ml twice a day (since 8 months now)?  
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Well, your daughter’s symptoms may be related to Valparin, but there is a great possibility that she suffers from attention deficit disorder or dyslexia or have disorder of written expressions etc.

A complete neuro-psychological evaluation is necessary for confirmed diagnosis. Please ask her specialist regarding these possibilities and get a complete evaluation done. If no problem is found in her attention and learning capabilities then may be the symptoms are side effects of Valparin. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Dear Dr. Mathur,

Thanks a million tons for your invaluable advice.

We had her evaluation done & they could not come up to a conclusion, details are with my wife. Since we are in Dehradun, a relatively small town in respect to Medical facilities; if you could advice any such facility available in Dehradun.

Due to my job I get to visit home for a month, once in 4-5 months; will definitely get it done in my next visit; I am due for leave next month.

Thanks once again for your precious advice & hope you continue guiding us parents, till we build lives so that they can lead an independent life.

Kind Regards

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Dear Rajesh,
i'm himanshu my child is suffering from a same problem. he is on velprain200. I have consulted top pediatric neurology doctor.
if u can contact me on my mob-09896652901  then we can share good effect and bad effect for this medicine.
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Dear Madam,

She old 6 Months.My Daughter had 4 times seizure. last one and half months. we took EEG, MRI, And Blood Test , Everything Comes normal. There is no history for seizures in my family But She affected another one last 4 days before. Doctor advice to give Valparin 200 Syrup. morning 1.5Ml dose Night 2 Ml dose. Seizures is curable or Not her life time. . This is our First Child. But today morning she had vomiting and Loose motion it is related to seizure or different. Kindly advice to me. Thnaks.
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Hi Himanshu,

I was trying your phone but its not reachable,please let me know the demerits of velprain200  as i have starting giving medicine to my child ,he is 1.5 yrs and got seizures 2 times in last 6 months.
Looking forward for your feedback.

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