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Vascular Angioma

I just turned 30 years old and was diagnosed with a vascular angioma on the left side of my brain.  I was having weird feeling headaches and that is what started this rollercoaster.  I had a MRI and CT Scan and was told that it was nothing to worry about but was told that in September of 2009 (6 months from original MRI) I would come back for a T-3 MRI to make sure there have not been any changes.  So my question is.....I have never had a seizure before but my headaches get so bad that this funny feeling comes over me and the only way for me to describe the feeling is that I feel like I am about to have a seizure....if that makes any sense??  I tend to stay home a lot due to me feeling weird all over and so now I feel like I am going crazy.  When I feel like this I tend to panic or have like an anxiety attack and so my regular MD wants to put me on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medication and I feel like there is something else going on.  I have two small kids/husband and a full time demanding job and I feel consumed with all of these scary thoughts of something happening to me (especially in public).  So why do I feel so weird???  I want to feel normal and not have these headaches.  Please Help!!  
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Well, let's make it three of us. I have been dx with what my NL called a Venous Angioma in my left, but this is what I found in my report over a yr. after the MRI. I was told by the first NL that I had nothing to worry @ when it came to the VA, but I was worried and been having those weird headaches and that going crazy feeling, so, I went to a new NL, that seemed to be more thorough...only I thought this, I guess, I was hoping he would find what it was that was wrong with me. He came up with Migraine and I just looked at him and thought..really? Well, my pain was getting worse and my head pain was driving me crazy, so, I went through more tests and they found a place on my Thoracic, in which, this dr.(NL) said it was out of his area of expertise. Anyway, long story short, I got him to send me the disc from which this Thoraci MRI was done and believe it or not IT wasn't the right disc, all I saw was a bunch of numbers and letters to finally see my name and then it telling me that I had a small tangled area of vessels in my left cerebullar hemisphere with it connected to a dominant vessel..  THAT was scary..MY eyes..speak of the devil are hurting and I am getting a severe headache..attack or something..so, I wil come back and check to see if either one of you responded,hopefully both...:)) Peace, karen
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Strange, I had the same thing happen- frequent headaches, dizziness too, and went in for an MRI a few months ago.  It came back showing a vascular angioma in the right hemisphere, though my Doctor reassured me these are pretty common and nothing to worry about.  I'm going in for bloodwork to see if I might be hypoglycemic, but I wonder if this vascular angioma might be the cause of my headaches???
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