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Vasovagal episodes

I am a 51 year old woman who, when in 2nd grade while swinging on the swings, I fell off backwards and was knocked unconscious. I think I came to and proceeded to get on the bus and go home. I then started having these "episodes" where I would loose consciousness, have convulsions, and even loose bowl and bladder. I have gone and had extensive testing because they thought that I had epilepsy. Then as I got older, into my late teenage years I was told that they in fact are not epileptic seizures because I know when they are coming on. Not just one thing triggers them. Here are a few things that brought them on: Getting my ears pierced, watching fatal attraction where the rabbit was in the pot, candles burning in the church, watching an NG Tube being pulled out and put back in, seeing my face in the mirror after a car accident, injuring my finger as it bled everywhere, watching the vet work on my horse and cat with gross situations, walking back to my bed after my back surgery, stitches being taken out of my knee, working on a production line in a food plant. Before loosing consciousness I would get this aura where I would get ringing in my ears and then start to feel funny, then I'd pass out. Usually for a minute or two. Most of the time I loss my bladder, just once did I loose my bowels. The funny thing about these episodes is that I can feel them coming on and if I am quick to react and lay down, I can stop them. If I don't lay down, I am surly going to kiss the floor. I would like to know if these are vasovagal episodes and if there is anything medically I can do or take to stop them. My parents always thought that I would outgrow them and I have not. What is this that makes them happen? Someone once told me it was like my brain getting hit with to much juice and short circuiting hence the loss of consciousness. Am I ever going to be free of this medical mishaps?
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