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Very concerned about ALS or MS

I’m a very active individual who runs and lifts weights. . I do slot of overhead workouts pushing weight. Also pull-ups, chin ups and push ups. About 3 months ago I woke up and had a severe pain in my neck which radiated to the shoulder and arm. Had trouble sleeping on the affected shoulder and back area. I had to sleep in an upbright position for a few days to ease some of the pain. The pain eventually subsided with the steroid shots and OTC drugs but then developed weakness on my hand grip, arm and shoulder area (especially during internal rotation with a certain amount of weight). I slept the night before on the affected arm and did have My head pushed up just a bit from the pillows I was laying. Went to a chiropractor who said I had a pinched nerve, I suppose in the shoulder or neck region. X rays showed nothing wrong with my shoulder and some achy arthritis in my neck region. I would have some pain when moving my neck and could feel it down to bottom of shoulder blade. My shoulder and deltoid area became sore in weeks to follow. My grip strength did improve, still have shoulder weakness and now muscle twitching on that arm and also on other parts of my body., but no weakness there. I was adjusted several time by the chiropractor and given massages as well. The pain in my neck area is pretty much dimidhed now or non pain at all on some days. However I still have the week shoulder and low grip strength and the muscle twitching in parts of my body and some time I feel tingling sensations as well. I’m very concerned I may have MS orbALs early onset. When I looked up muscle twitching that’s what appeared. I’m very scared and do have some anxiety over my condition at this time. Should I be concerned with AlS or MS at this point. I thought my shoulder and grip strength should have returnees after the neck pain has gone and the muscle twitching came out of nowhere .justblooking for some answers. Thank you all who respond, much appreciated.
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I love your user name!  And your lifestyle.  good for you!! I understand health anxiety.  To be honest, from what you've written, this sounds like pinched nerves and not a more serious issue.  The numbness, tingling and grip issues all sound inter related to that.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pinched-nerve/symptoms-causes/syc-20354746  It may be time to up your examination of this issue.  You can see a neurologist but even  your primary care doctor may be able to talk you through this.  Chiropractors are great but do have training that makes them not exactly medical in terms of being able to diagnose people.  (as in it is not med school by any means).  Physical therapists are also very  helpful in exercises and stretching to help these things.  So, I'd go to your actual doctor and if you have, then consider seeing a neurologist to dig deeper for the issue a nd definitively diagnosing you.  ALS is common for age 50 and older.  MS is usually only diagnosed after other things have been ruled out.  good luck
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