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Very vague eye/brain thing happening

I'm 23, Australian, been to eye doctor - eyes are all well. Last time i've had an MRI was 3.5 years ago, was all clear. I have no health conditions, do not take drugs/smoke/etc. Please read my description below I am concerned, I will try my best to make sense of it. Please read until the end

When I'm looking straight ahead If I move my fingers to create a action in:
A: My RIGHT eye's temporal vision (near ear)
B: My RIGHT eye's nasal vision (near nose)
C: My LEFT eye's nasal vision (near nose)
D: My Left eye's temporal vision (near ear: this one's harder to notice as explained below).

Doing the above actions in either hemisphere of vision in those areas result in my LEFT eye's temporal vision (near ear) ''receiving a shadowy movement that mimics the corresponding action from the other area'' i;e: Moving my finger in my RIGHT eye's temporal vision (which my LEFT eye cannot see at all), the image isn't ''copy and pasted'' to my LEFT eye's temporal vision, I don't see a duplicate of it in the opposite side, although I definitely see a faint-shadowy movement that mimics whatever is happening in the above areas.

I could only find 'Visual Allestesia/Allocharia' online which is when a image is transposed from one hemisphere to the other hemispere, i:e; a cup on your desk in your right eye's vision will also be seen in the left eye's vision, as if there's a cup sitting either side of you. Although this condition is related to brain tumours and missing vision? I'm still able to see in the ''zone'' it happens and I'm not seeing ''copies'' I'm just seeing movement that appears if I see movement elsewhere, as if that area of vision thinks the movement is happening there aswell.

Visual allestesia/Allocharia online says one non-blind hemisphere transfers visual images to the blind hemisphere, yet I'm able to see this happening if I make a movement in the SAME hemisphere and the ''area'' its copied too isn't blind as I can still see what's there?

I know this is confusing, I'm hoping a neuro can please give any insight or atleast tell me if they've EVER heard of anything similar. I've never had brain damage/seizures etc, missing no vision, and this only happens upon the movment method above, if I put my hand in my right eye's vision (either hemisphere) it does NOT ''show up'' as another copy of my hand in my left eye's vision, but it does create a shadowy movement if I make the hand in my right eye's vision field wiggle my fingers, as if my left eye thinks ''theres fingers moving in vision aswell''.

Tried my best to detail it, any help?
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