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Vibrations restless leg

About a year ago I was diagnosed with Fibro..that is also around the time that these strange vibrations started in my legs and I was told by the doctor that is was restless leg syndrome, but it doesn't seem the same. I don't have an overwhelming urge to move my legs they just vibrate and I want it to stop.
Since then it has gotten much worse and has spread.
Before I go any further I do want to say I do not do drugs or alcohol. I take a low dose of xanex for nerves during the day and to help me sleep at night.
The last couple of weeks These vibrations have spread to my vaginal and buttox area. I believe I may be hallucinating because I am also feeling the sensation of touch. I know it sounds crazy and maybe i am but it is true. It is not just happening when I am lying down anymore either. I have also been having burning when I urinate and mild/moderate low abdominal pain and back pain.
(I have also been awakened feeling like my whole body was shaking toe to head)
At one time I was diagnosed with partial complex seizures epilepsy...but haven't been on any medication for it for at least five years because I began to believe the diagnosis was wrong and discussed it with my doctor I was told I could get a second opinion and I just never went back. (AT that time I had never had these vibrations only momments of being "out of it" I guess you could say

I have severe migraines 1-2 times a week. I have tinnitus and have had vertigo very bad from it. I do have OCD but never thought that could cause hallucinations if that is what this last bout is, if it is hallucinations they are very real and very strong..I experience dizziness and nausea on almost a daily basis.
If anyone could have any idea what is happening please respond,, I have four children and this is not a good time to loose my mind or believe I have something terrible wrong with me. I have no medical card so the only way I could see a doc is if I go to the emergency room and this seems very embarrassing to tell an ER doctor that would probably consider me nuts before trying to find out what is wrong with me.
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Let me see if I can break this down.  Pain on urination usually means you have an ordinary urinary tract infection and/or kidney infection, so you can go as a walk-in to the County Social Services Health Clinic, it's cheap, and be seen by a physician same day and they'll give you pills to get rid of that.  Drink plenty of water whilst taking those drugs to assist flushing out the infection.  

As for your legs vibrating, it's possible you have a nerve or muscle problem from a lower back deterioration of some kind, plane black & white X-rays are better than nothing but they're cheap, an ER could do those for you, but it won't show a nerve problem, rather a spine problem that might suggest that's why you got vibrating legs.  But those symptoms may also be part of your fibromyalgia, which you're supposed to be on a medication for that, and if you are, you may need more of it, which again, the county clinic can give you something for your fibro or more of whatever you're taking, or the doc who diagnosed it can give you better meds.  

As for your migraines, that can fog up your thinking, which may be why you think you're imagining things, so you ought to have meds for migraines, they have some specifically to that do something to the blood vessels that give relief, and whomever told you that you have migraines, then that doc or the county clinic doc can give you drugs to help with those.
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I appreciate your response. I had an xray done a little over a year ago when I was diagnosed with fibro and at that time my back looked fine. I don't know how fast deterioration could occur, but is something that is starting to concern me more and more.
I posted this in another related thread as well that I found some correlation with xanex and aspartame so I am going to start cutting aspartame from my diet, but I'm not so sure what to do about the xanex as is the only thing that helps me to go to sleep.

As for the migraines I do take sumatriptan when they get really intense. I have had these for some time now and they never had caused hallucinations before and it happens when I am not having a migraine as well..

The problem with fibro is it seems to be a condition in which when you are diagnosed with it every problem afterward will be blamed on it and it is very frustrating.

I think I will call the local clinic though if they need to order any diagnostic tests or bloodwork or even medication I will not be able to afford it so it seems pointless, but maybe they can give me some comfort of some sort I don't know. But thank you for your response.
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I do not think you are hallucinating.  I think your discomfort is fogging your thinking, is all.  You should be receiving medicine for your fibromyalgia, so inquire into that, and if you're already taking something, you need more.  The urinary tract infection is probably what is making that part of your body feel strange.  I'm glad you have migraine medicine.  

Calling the local clinic won't work; you have to personally go in, but you can be seen the same day as a walk-in.  The urinary tract infection test and treatment is something they can do same-day, and since the fibro has already been diagnosed, they can give you medicine for that, they have a pharmacy...just bring a record that shows you have it.
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