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Visual Disturbance

3 days after my brain angiogram (results were ok) last week I had a serious visual disturbance. It started off with a small shape in my middle vision  then progressed within minutes to what I can describe as a Kaleidescope effect, or like looking through a prism. It lasted about half an hour. I was involved in an RTA on my motorbike 4 months ago and sustained serious head injuries. (I have been left with 3 tinnitus noises, 1 of which sounds like my carotid artery.) I've never suffered from migraines before. I queried the vision episode with someone who deals with neuro issues who suggested I have an EEG as it was suggested it may be seizure related. Im afraid to mention this to my GP as if the results are positive my driving license may be taken from me. I have an appointment with an eye consultant next week but am not sure if he will give me any neuro related answers. If it happens again Im tempted not to mention it to my doctor due to the possible implications.
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Your driver's license is not going to be pulled if you report this to your GP. As a matter of fact, people who have seizures and get on meds and are seizure free for a period of time can generally regain the right to drive. There is a specialty called neurological opthamology. You are correct in assuming that there is a good chance of siezure activity after a serious head injury, but this is not necessarily so. Your GP is not going to report you to the MVB based on the information you have provided. If this continues, you have to make a moral decfision as to whether you should drive. Often such symptoms have a gradual onset, over minutes. If you are driving and sense this is happening pull over immediately. It is also true that these episodes are often self-limiting, and go away after a period of time. Four months is not a long time and recovery from such an accident often takes far longer. I would encourage you to continue to seek medical attention and be perfectly honest with your physician in regards to your symptoms.
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Thank you for the advice Caregiver. I was hoping to get back to work in 2 months and in Forensics, my license is essential. But I will be keeping a close eye on things. As far as I know there was no brain damage, just several serious fractures. Thanks again..
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