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Visual phenomenon

Recently, every once in a while, I'll be going about my day and all of a sudden I'll see concentric rings made of of greyish shadowy circles in both eyes in the center of my vision. The dots move in formation towards the center of the set of rings and seem to almost fall into the middle where there is empty space. The word "vortex" seems to describe it better than anything else. I guess altogether the rings make up a doughnut shape. It won't go away when you look another direction or if you blink or rub your eyes or anything. It's very distracting. I've had a number of strange visual phenomena but nothing like this that's definitely in both eyes at the same time. I can't for the life of me figure out what this is.

Does anyone know the medical term for this phenomenon or know what it might be associated with? I've found many other forums where people describe this exact same thing but nobody seems to know what it is.
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Hi there. You are visualizing floaters in eyes and the common causes could be vitreous syneresis, posterior vitreous detachments and retinal detachments, regression of the hyaloid artery, retinal tears if red blood cells are released from leaky blood vessels, cystoids macular edema and tear film debris. You need to show to an ophthalmologist who would examine you with an ophthalmoscope or slit lamp. This would help in diagnosis and treatment would be according to the cause. If a cause is not found, you may be investigated for ocular migraines, intracranial tumor or cyst around the optic chiasma and disc. Hope this helps. Take care.

Hello mam. I do not what is happening to my eyes it’s like I just see some lines from the top of my eyes and then they slowly come down it has been happening to me since the last 20 days please can you suggest what I should I am 15 years old male
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I have experienced this too.  I went to an Ophthalmologist and he told me there was nothing wrong with my eyes, but that there was something going on behind the eyes.  Then, I had an MRI of my head/brain and an abnormality was found in the back of my brain which probably is causing ocular migraines.  

I would first rule out a problem with your eyes first before doing anything else.  You are so young.  I started having this problem after I turned 40.  

Have you had problems with eye infections and/or trauma to your eyes in the past?
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No infections or trauma, but check out my occipital lobe!



The radiologist told me my MRI results were "normal" but I think it looks like my occipital lobe is a little squished. My symptoms fit temporal lobe epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, acephalic migraines, etc etc. Who knows? I hope I find a good doc.
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The MRI image looks strange.  I would seek a second opinion about that MRI.  
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Uhhh so I'm seeing this "vortex" thing every day now. Is that especially bad?
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Have you consulted a Neurologist yet?  I would suggest you do.  
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Yeah, I have.. update here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Piloerection--miosis--lacrimation/show/1495409. The neurologist doesn't seem to understand that there's something more wrong than "just epilepsy". I'm making a new appointment soon
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Your occipital lobe looks strange.  When did you see this Neurologist last?  I think I would be getting a second opinion if you can.  
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I do not buy then idea you have floaters. Uh, uh. Floaters are absolutely positively nothing like what you have described.

As Londres suggested, try to get another opinion.
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