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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Hello, I too am suffering from tingling mainly in my left foot, occasionally left hand and very occasionally both feet/hands. I also get a strange sensation on the left side of my face at times. About 9 months ago I had my blood tested following the appearance of the symptoms and B12 was at 120, so was put on a series of 6 b12 injections over a 2 week period, then a shot every 3 months. The symptoms started to subside but then started coming back (they're really on and off) so following a visit to a neurologist I was then put on monthly B12 injections. My question is, I've been on monthly B12 injections now for 6 months and still have the symptoms on and off, particularly flairing up the week before I'm due my monthly shot. Is this normal and can I ever expect these awful tingling symptoms to disappear? I also have heart palpitations too, is this a symptom of B12 deficiency? Thanks in advance.
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I also meant to add along with the tingling symptom I also have muscle twitching in both calves.
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Hello Scared1234865, I dont really know whats causing your shots of vitamin B12 to be uneffective but your signs are like subacute comined degeneration of spinal cord. You can treat it with B12 but symptoms stay on the level of neurodegenration. Hope your anemia is gone too because theats the primary sign of B12 deficiency ;)
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Hi Biochemist357, thanks so much for your advice. Really interesting as I had a vitamin D deficiency too which I was told can cause degeneration of spinal cord, could that be a cause? Is there anything else I should be asking for to treat it? Many thanks!!
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Hi again, sorry I posted the last message too quickly! My blood results which revealed a B12 deficiency, didn't however reveal anemia so I'm told, my red blood cells were okay. So am I right in my understanding that if the neurodegeneration has occurred, the treatment may not resolve the symptoms as once the damage is done it cannot be reversed? Will the degeneration progress at all in the future or do the b12 shots prevent this? - apologies in advance for all the questions, and thank you once again.
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How is your Vitamin D levels? Has a doctor tested you for neuropathy?
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Hi Sandie, Vitamin D was found to be deficient too, I think around January. I was prescribed tablets 800u x4 daily for 3 months then 1 daily thereafter. I don't think I've been tested for neuropathy, I've only had blood tests and a brain MRI which I was told was normal. What sort of test is done for neuropathy?
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Hello, sorry for late answer. well as far as I know your shots and B12 intake will stop the progres of degradation. Anemia and neuropathy in B12 deficiency dont come both everytime. Im glad you dont have anemia. And about the vit D and relation to neurpathy I can say much, sorry.
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