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Vitamin B6 Toxicity

I have pains that are rapidly spreading throughout my body.  Expecially bad in hands and feet. But also have what feels like deep bruises in ribs, sides of thighs, back of arms and under arms.  I can even feel something that is slightly raised in those places.  Also having lower abdomen pains.  Have "Pins and needles" feeling in hands and feet.  

Neurologist put me on Lyrica which seems to be helping the "pins and needles" feeling some but not entirely.  I've had significant testing done and the only thing that has been found is a Vitamin B6 level that is very high - about twice as high as upper range.  The weird thing is that since it is a water-soluble vitamin, your body is not supposed to store it.  I take no supplements or vitamins.  I've even stopped eating fish, bananas, breakfast cereals, leafy green vegetables and anything that I see has high B6.  

The pains and "bruised" feeling areas continue to spread and my Neurologist has no answers.  Any ideas?
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To all individuals with elevated B6 levels.
The issue that most if not all of you are having with elevated B6 which does present with Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS type Neuro symptoms through over stimulation of the nervous system is most likely also associated with kidney and adrenal gland exhaustion.
Now, I have recently helped an individual with virtually the same exact issues as all of you.
This individual also presented with elevated levels of Manganese which showed up in a specialized test in which hair is tested for mineral imbalances and toxic heavy metals.

The symptoms for Manganese overload and B6 overload are virtually the same, and if it found that you are experiencing both issues then you are most assuredly displaying a virtually unknown syndrome that even the vast majority of doctors and specialist are as of yet unaware of.

The issue which has eluded all, and raises the question “Where is all the B6 coming from?”

The answer will startle you.
It is coming from you, or rather from “inside you.”

There are more symptoms that are associated with this phenomenon such as calcium oxalate kidney stones, calcified nodules found in the thyroid gland and in other soft tissue organs and glands.

Many elevated B6 sufferers also experience thyroid hormonal issues, as well as heart murmur type arrhythmias, and para-thyroid hormone deficiency.

I assure you it appears that all these issues are related.

It is little known outside biochemistry that all vitamins are produced by various organisms sometimes also known as the flora of the digestive tract. The vitamins that your body needs are “harvested” or absorbed from your small intestine where these organisms live and produce various vitamins as part of their metabolism.

Under normal balanced conditions all is well, and the correct ratio of “vitamins” are produced in a bioavailable form that your bodies readily absorb and use.
It is well known that the body does not prefer, but will reluctantly utilize “synthetically” or lab made vitamins when the real vitamin is not available.
All B vitamins are “naturally” produced or secreted by the “B” bacteria within the intestinal tract.
The “B” bacteria are highly susceptible to acid, and particularly “lactic acid” that is produced by the common pro-biotic LAB bacteria that many consume in excess.
The LAB or lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid as a defense mechanism to kill off other bacteria as a way to secure more food for themselves, this results in “acidosis” of the naturally more alkaline intestines, and large bowl, and colon where the pH level should be in the range of 7.6-8.0.
So, you may be asking now “If the B bacteria are killed off, where is the excess B6 coming from?”
Great question! Let’s look at this, because herein is the shocking revelation.

E. Coli, and A. Niger, are organisms that naturally do not produce B6 or Oxalic acid, however, we are not talking about “natural” we are going to talk about the mutated strains of E. Coli, the  mutant 0157:H7 strain.

This mutated strain of E. Coli produces extreme amounts of B6, and oxalic acid. It is also the strain that is most often found to be the leading cause of kidney and adrenal failure, or exhaustion.

This particular issue is very difficult to diagnose as it will not present in blood test, or blood cultures. It also will not show up in stool samples when labs look for the anti-bodies or shinga type toxins in the stools.
The Urine must be cultured to find it. The bladder may also need to be biopsied.
These also are the same organisms that cause disease in the lungs, and can only be identified by MRI or ultrascan that is operated by a trained tech who knows what to look for.

The elevated B6 by this organism directly affects the nervous system.
The Oxalic acid binds to calcium and causes the calcium to precipitate out of solution and deposit into soft tissues such as the breast, thyroid, and kidney’s.
The term would be Calcium Oxalate stones.

This explains the elevated B6 and the calcification that is often found. This also explains why many of you have elevated B6 levels that continue to increase even when you limit B6 containing foods, and B6 supplements.
It is not what you are putting into your mouths that is leading to the elevated levels, but certainly the extra B6 you are consuming is further aggravating the issue.

Have your specialist read this post and perform test which will look for established parasitic pathogens that are known to produce B6 and Oxalic Acid.
If any of you have more questions you can visit sedonahealthlabs.com and open a customer service ticket and I will explain a little more if needed.
I will like to advise that this can only be applied to about 90% of these cases, as a complicating factor I have seen are very low sodium levels and very low nickel and cobalt levels which lead to a complicating issue of the deficient function of the para-thyroid glands which normally regulate the blood plasma levels of calcium and phosphorous.

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Today I received the news that my B-6 level is >100. I have shared your post with my rheumatologist. I am now hopeful that my condition will improve. Thank you.
Dear Dr. Sharma,

Thank you very much for sharing this important issue.

If I may, please allow me to share my situation and thoughts.

I had tingling at my pinky and ring finger, stomach twitched for a couple of days, eylid twitched so doc recommended to test my b6 level.

My b6 level was 698 nmol/l at the beginning of July,
I used to take multi vits containing 75mg of b6 maybe twice a week. Ate turkey and blackeyed peas which contains some b6, but then I stopped and beginning of September it was 106 nmol/l

Tingling did not go away even worse, now both hand and feet are tingling.

Then I took 3 of the same multi vits in a coarse of two weeks and
and on 17 October it was back up at 247 nmol/l

still tingling.

I also read here


that it can be a mutation in the mthfr gene, which makes it a DEficiency, because the body does not process the vitamine, leaving is floating around.

I also have mild ulnar neuropathy, which I read here (had a emg done)


that taking oral b6 can help..very strange, sound counter effective

maybe these relate to each other?

You wrote about kidney exhaustion, mine have gfr values greater than 90 kl/1,73 ckd epi fomula, but it does not specify the level, it only s states greater than 90...i wonder if its too high?

my calcium is 2,33 nmol/l
vit d 51/nmol/l
b12 558 nmol.l
b1 188 nmol/l
rhuema factor ELiA < 1.0 ku/l
a-CCP ACPA < 1.0 ku/l

I ate about 800 gr of spinach(cooked)100gr salmon, raw kale 300gr in the last 3 days, but they contains oxalate acid, I feel tingling now up to my knees
my right pinky spasms a lot too

I also have strange aches in abdomen and back, I read here that it can be form b6 toxicity

any thoughts?

With highest regards,

Dear SedonaPure,

I meant to ask you, and I mistakenly put another name.

Please share your thought, thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Hi there -

It's been nearly 3 years since you've posted your question, and I do hope your health has been restored by now.  However, if you are still suffering, I would like to offer the hope of being healed of the severe neuropathy and debilitating "pain" that Toxic B-6 levels can cause in some of us.

In October of 2007, I became very ill with similiar symptoms as yours ... and finally convinced my doctor to test my B6 levels in March of 2008.  After countless hours and months of research, and over 2 years later, my body is free of the devastating symptoms of MS.  I would be thrilled to share my story with hopes of helping at least one other person, but will wait to see if anyone responds to my comments.  I have nothing to sell or gain.  I just don't have the time to write something that no one will read...

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My mother is suffering tremendously from this, so much that she is wheel chair bound. If you get this I would love to hear what you did that helped.  
Hi!  I am also in this boat.  I do not take supplements and made no changes in diet.  I have been tested for everything and finally blood work revealed elevated b6 levels.  During EMG, I started  to develop heart arrhythmia, sinus pause etc... I would appreciate insight on treatment plan.  
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Please ask to have your ALP or alkaline phosphate measured. low ALP and high B6 can indicate a very rare bone disease: hypophosphatasia.  I have this, as do three of my children.  In particular osteoarthritis symptoms like you describe can be associated.
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My mother has recently been diagnosed with high B levels.  She does not take supplements, so we are unsure why her levels are so high.  I would love some insight on what you have found out.
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Check out B6+parathyroid hormone.
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Hi Katharine.

I'm sorry you are suffering.

Just read the info here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Nutrition/B6-Toxicity/show/2642#post_13217214

It is full of useful info - try to read the first (oldest) posts first - more helpful and informative.

The short answer to your question is: the plasma levels go down very fast (about 6 weeks) but the lingering damage to be fixed takes many more months, if not years. You will first feel worse before you feel better as the muscles/nerves "wake up" or "regenerate", but it'll get better. I think the worst is over in a year. Hang in there.
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Would like ANY help I can get. Countless blood tests, MRI's, scans, symptoms too lengthy to post. B6 was 318, stopped taking the vitagummie multi I was taking and levels immediately went down. 3 months later I'm at a level of 50- but symptoms seem to be getting worse. Last trip to doctor for a check up and he told me that he no longer suspects B6 because my levels are normal. Doesn't it live in system for a while? PLEASE respond, any story helps...especially if you can chronicle how long it took to return to normal. Thank you!
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Please share your story.
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The information you posted regarding elevated B6 levels and resulting neuropathy were extremely enlightening.  Would probiotics be of any help in remedying the excessive B6 levels being produced due to the mutated strain of E. Coli?  Thank you.
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Thank You Dr. Sharma,
I do hope that this will help lead persons of need in this area to a little better undestanding. I realize that I have simplified to some extent, but I was hoping to help ordinary non arts trained persons to get a better grasp of this almost unknown issue.
I would like to take the opportunity to also mention that it appears to me that much of the processed foods we consume contain high levels of "preservatives" and it dawned on me after writting this response that most individuals do not understand that these "preservatives" are actually "anti-biotics" and unfortunately many people are suffering the die off of the good flora of the digestive tract by merely eating these anti-biotic laden foods. In ether case, most are suffering from the lack of the "balancing" flora, or "acid eaters" in their digestive tracts.
Again Thank You Dr.
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Hi there. Thanks very much for sharing such elaborate insight on Vitamin B6 toxicity. I hope the various members would benefit from this piece of information. Take care.
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I would like to read your story.  I was given an overdose of b6 in the form of Nattokinase.  I have had spasms, twitching, pain, heart palpitations, and tremors.  It has been awful and I am a mother of 4.  My neurologist tested me for everything, and the only thing he could find was an elevated b6.  I just want to know how to lower it, and what I can eat.  I am wanting to fast in order to get this down quickly, but it looks like it takes a long time. :(
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Regarding vitamin B6, a water soluble vitamin is essential for the normal and optimal functioning of the body. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the average daily dietary intake level that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements.
RDAs for vitamin B6 (in milligrams), are: 1.3 mg for men and women under age 50; 1.7 mg for men and 1.5 mg for women over the age of 50, 1.9 mg for pregnant women, and 2 mg for women who are breastfeeding.

About toxicity,---
Too much vitamin B6 can result in nerve damage to the arms and legs. This neuropathy is usually related to high intake of vitamin B6 from supplements, and is reversible when supplementation is stopped.

Foods such as fortified breakfast cereals, fish including salmon and tuna fish, meats such as pork and chicken, bananas, beans and peanut butter, and many vegetables will contribute to your vitamin B6 intake.

Probably try to avoid these kind of foods for a month or so and recheck your vitamin B6 values and look for any improvement in your symptoms
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