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Posted By M.K on June 23, 1998 at 11:31:29:

My son had a real bad seizure back in Sept. 97.  Had a MRI in Nov.
They found a lesion thought to be a vascular cause on his left side of his brain  I'm sorry I don't know where on his brain.  Doctor said it somthing he
was born with  he called it a Cavernous Hermangiomas.
He was put on Tegretol 400mg. a day.  He became very tired sleepy very moody  lost his appetite  .  So with the doctors  permission we took him off
the Tegretol.  I'm still concerned about his appetite and his sleep.  He will not eat anything he will drink milk or a milkshake  if  I make him eat
he will make himself vomit.  At night he can't sleep he wakes up every few hours crying complaining he can't go back to sleep . He sometimes complains of headaches.  My biggest concern is his vomiting  I don't know if he's making himself vomit or it just happens.  Could this just be a behaviour problem or can it be related to the lesion on his brain.  He's scheduled to have another MRI in July.
Why do children with brain tumors vomit? Do they vomit all the time or only
when they eat. Do they feel sick all the time?

                           Thank you
                              Worried Mom

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