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Want solution-primarily feeling swollen inside my face & temple region

I'm am a 29 year old female on the 96th day of a strange episode of something. I'm otherwise healthy/active. Here are the facts:

1) I moved to a new house. Within 5 days of being at the new place, I had diarrhea, which was accompanied with shaking and the feeling of a fever (not sure if I actually had one). May have been due to artificial sweeteners? Probably not environmental? (Tried staying elsewhere for a week & seemed better with the exception of the 2nd to last day.)
2) Next I had a headache for approximately 2 weeks. Over the counter medication seemed to work, but headache wasn't going away. Tried Excedrin Migraine for the first time.
3) Headache went away and was replaced by a numbness/pressure/swollen feeling, which is prominent in my cheek muscles, my temples and jaw muscles on BOTH sides of my face.

I've had some level of this "numbness", which can also be described as the feeling that I smiled too long and the muscles are exhausted every day ever since.

On a bad day, my entire head feels like a balloon. There is pressure in my ears like I want to pop them. I am unable to focus. Staring at nothing is enough to keep me "entertained" for hours. It's like I take in information fine, but the processing isn't as great. I'm also messing things up, like using toilette paper as a towel after washing my hands. Or not driving safely. My memory is at about 90-95% capacity of what it normally is. I also experience this strange feeling of delayed "freak-outs". For example, when a car in front of me puts on their breaks, it takes me a little longer to process & for me to do the same than it should. When I realize I have the delay, I have a mini "freak out" for a few seconds. It's like an urge of adreneline, even though the situation doesn't really require it (& I normally wouldn't have that type of reaction).

On two occassions, my right eye temporarily lost sight. Everything was a blur of color. The first time it happened was only for about 5-10 minutes and the second time was for about 2 hours.

I've seen several specialists - 3 neurologists, an ENT (not sinus related, not TMJ, not ear infection), an allergist, a counselor to work through any stressors, a Family Physician, a GI Dr. for my diarrhea because I have always struggled with diarrhea & recently had a bit of blood in a stool. One neurologist thought it was a form of headache. I went through physical therapy, took several types of drugs which further affected my memory, gave me bad nightmares, caused increase in heart rate, caused migraines (which I previously had never experienced). Since I've taken the medicien that cause migraines, I sometimes feel a "left-over" firey sensation at the base of my head where the neck connects. It isn't a very strong sensation, but I do notice it. I am a tense person, but I've had tense muscles my entire life and it hasn't previously caused problems - it's what makes my muscles so well defined :)

I did get in a car accident about 1 year ago and had a root canal about 1.5 years ago. I'm also going through some stressful things with my boyfriend, but the odd thing is that when I get really upset about something, it "clears" my mind and I temporarily feel less affected.

My brain MRI turned out within normal limits for my age. I've had several bloodwork tests that have come out normal. We're contemplating a spinal tap in the next couple weeks if my latest bloodwork doesn't yield results: (Antinuclear antibody screen by EIA, CRP inflammation, Lyme Disease Aby with reflex to WB Serum, SSA Ro ENA Antibody IgG and SSB La ENA Antibody IgG).

I'm adopted, so I don't have family history to go off of to solve the mystery. I recently put in a request for my birth parent's medical information.

Some odd things I've noticed: I used to prefer the heat, but now I prefer the cold. The summer heat exaberates the numbness. Sometimes when I have goosebumps or shiver, the numbess is lessened. Driving or being a passenger in the car makes the numbness worse. Early on, watching TV or using my phone made me a dizzy and I didn't want to look at either. Elevators also make me feel funny.

I've also been tired, lazy and irritable. My appetite comes and goes - I've lost some weight.  My most recent neurologist thinks this either may be related, or may be due to some depression about not being able to diagnose the issue and treat these symptoms.

I've been missing work and still attend college. I need my brain to work!!! Any thoughts on what this might be? I've never previously experienced anything like this.  
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