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Was this a TIA ?

My father went to the emergency room last week as he had a tingling and slightly numb sensation up in his left hand and up the left arm and side of the face, it passed quickly and left no lasting weakness. The consultant said this was a mini stroke and sent him home, however on the way out his left hand started to cramp or spasm so the hospital admitted him and performed an MRI which was fine. He had another left hand spasm whilst in the hospital and the consultant could not explain it. He was discharged after a couple of days with a prescription for aspirin and statins for lowering cholesterol levels ( This was 7.5) Since coming home he has had continuing odd sensations but this time involving his right cheek and right leg.
My father is 63 not overweight but was a smoker until recently, his last blood pressure reading in the hospital was 150/70 which leads me to ask are these TIA's or is it possible that it is a neurological problem causing these symtoms?
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.
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The symptoms are quite non-specific. The initial symptoms could have been signs of stroke versus TIA, seizure, migraine variant, or even a problem in his cervical spine. Now with mixed symptoms, it makes it more difficult to be certain the cause. Without taking a history and examining your father I cannot narrow the possible causes. I would recommend having a consultation with a neurologist. Your father may need an EEG and perhaps a MRI of his cervical spine (neck). His blood pressure and cholesterol should be controlled. The aspirin is also a good starting point, until these are figured out. I wish I could be of more help, but without more information this is not possible. Good luck.
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Forgot to mention my father has mild arthritis and recurrent back pain.
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