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Hi, my name is Jamie, and I'm a 23 year old female.  I don't smoke, do not use street drugs, nor do I drink often.  Since Friday the 4th, I have been lightheaded from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep.  I feel tired all the time, I have no energy.  If I move or walk I get even more lightheaded than I already am.  I feel like I'm going to pass out at times.  My breathing is more strenuous, I feel like I have to take more deep breaths.  I was at the hospital 3 times in the past 7 days.  The first time I went they did a CT Scan of my abdomen, ruled out any appendicitis, gallbladder needs removed but it's not infected, and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.  I went back to the hospital yesterday, and they did a CT scan of my head, and they x rayed my lungs, and did an ECG (ekg) on my heart.  The doctor said everything was normal, and they've sent me home on that note.  
I'm having a hard time breathing, and the dizziness is the thing I worry most about.  I can't get up off the couch longer than 10 minutes w/o feeling that I'm going to faint.  I have to walk to the bathroom and back, and that's it.  Being on the computer bothers me only if I'm reading, I can't focus to read anything thats long, I can't watch the tv if it's moving fast, I cant read a book because my eyes have to focus too hard and it causes my eyes to hurt.   I have nausea sometimes so bad that I have to breath into a bag, because the pain takes my breath away.  I will get really hot and flushed suddenly, and then it will stay like that for about 10min - 2 hours and then it goes away. I don't think I'm allergic to anything.  When I eat sometimes I feel like I have to force the food down, because it gags me a bit.  My neck and back were hurting a few days ago, on the left side, my heart felt like it was hurting, but since the doctor has ruled out heart problems, I'm saying a muslce? or bruised a bone? I'm not sure.  When I was in the ER i had to go to CT scan after they gave me Benadryl (too much, may I add) and I had to lift myself up out of the CT scan bed by myself and I was sedated so I may have pulled a muscle in my left side somewhere, either my chest or my back.  Not sure if that's what it is, but that's the only thing that I think would explain the chest pain? since everything else has been ruled out....

There is so much more.  I just want to feel better.  I can't stand feeling like this, and it scares me more than anything.  I just don't want there to be something wrong that needs treated and because my heart and lungs and head are ok, I feel like they're not paying attention to the other important things.  I know having anxiety isn't going to help my situation, but most people I know who are lightheaded 24/7, and weak, would be a bit anxious.  

If anyone has any advice or tips or if they need more information to help me rule some things out, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.  

Thank you,


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My daughter who is 28 seems to be having the same symptoms..Did you ever find out what is wrong? Thank you
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Have you started any new meds lately?  Even benign ones can cause severe problems in some people.  You are young to have Type II diabetes, but hopefully they checked you for that and for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  So many symptoms fit that, but not all.  I used to have it when I was a little older than you, but now I have Type II diabetes.  Having low blood sugar causes awful feelings -- faintness, sweating headaches, hot flashes, etc.  You might want to google hypoglycemia.

Dysphagia can cause pain in the mid-chest, so while you are waiting for a physican's answer, you might want to google the symptoms and causes of dysphagia.
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How are you?
Your symptoms seem to be due to excessive anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation or anemia. I would suggest you to make sure that you eat regularly to avoid hypoglycemia, sleep for at least 8 hrs in the night, and maintain hydration.
Also you can get your blood hemoglobin levels checked, if you not done so already to rule out anemia.
Breathing exercises and meditation will also help you.

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i have the same symptoms and i suffer from panicattacks and anxiety
so i think you need meds to calm you down or if you drink alot of canned drinks it could be aspartame poisning sorry can,t spell at the mo head is not with me check out aspartame on the web
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Hey. I just wanted to update you guys on what's been going on since.

I had my gallbladder removed Feb 2009, and since then I haven't had any pain or problems with that.  I have also been given medicine for anxiety and put on a diet by my physician.  (Which is more for losing the baby weight I gained last year).  In this particular post I figured out that I had vertigo, which was caused by an inner ear issue, which I am still fixing at the moment. I have scheduled ENT's that I'm trying to get to, to see if there is a problem with the ?back? of my ear.  The vertigo was causing my anxiety to rise and the anxiety was causing all the other problems.

I'm doing much better, and I'm taking medicine right now for my blood pressure (due to the pregnancy I had!) and I'm also on a great low carb diet. I've lost 11 pds in 2.5 weeks and it's the hardest thing I've done this year.  Giving birth was easy compared to this.  

I've learned that by keeping myself busy my anxiety has calmed down a lot.  I have a new baby so that is always keeping me alert, I'm attending school which is online, so that keeps me busy, I do scrapbooking and livejournaling and myspacing when I'm not overwhelmed with Mommy duties.  I also have been getting outside for at least 5 hours a day (I have TERRIBLE pollen allergies!!) so I always have new scenery to look at.  I'm not ADHD, but I do need a change from time to time to keep my brain from going back to nervous.  IT HELPS PEOPLE!!

If you want to talk, message me! I'll be glad to listen.
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hi you could have carbon monoxide poisoning do you have a co detector in your home or work if not get 2  check out this web site co headquarters . com to see if your symtoms match  i have co poisoning and have alot of the same symtoms good luck
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