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Weakness on right side of body that switches to left side daily daily. What is it?

I will try to keep this concise, I won't go into the major details. First I should add that I am 21 and have a pretty big history with Anxiety and stress issues. Currently take 100mg of Sertraline and have had stress and anxiety problems since around 5th grade.

The issue I want to discuss right now is a weakness that started on my right side in 2011. From my right eye, down to my arm and leg. Just pure weakness. However, before the weakness occurred on my right side, it was a fully body weakness for a number of months. The full body weakness began when my mom randomly mentioned to me, that a family friend had developed stage 4 Cancer. She mentioned that he had been feeling tired as one of the symptoms. This naturally triggered my anxiety, figuring out that even tiredness could mean cancer. The very next morning I awoke with my whole body feeling weak. It was not until about 5 months later that I was running up a hill and realized the weakness had shifted just to my right side, leaving my left side normal.

This weakness in my right side would continue through high school. Where I was very physically active. I ran varsity cross country and track, as well as rode my bike to school every day. I could constantly feel the weakness in my right side at all times during the day and during exercise. Another symptom that came with the weakness was constipation and gas. Granted, I was generally anxious and stressed all day everyday.

Up until around 2014, the weakness stayed in my right side until I got my first job at a grocery store. I would do alot of heavy lifting, especially with my shoulders and back. One day after lifting alot, I felt a burning sensation between my left should blade and my spine area. Which would burn anytime I became stressed or anxious. I also began having left chest pain during stressful and busy times st work. Sometimes quick stabbing pain and sometimes drawn out dull pain. Which was always very frightening. It was soon after this that I felt the weakness of my right side actually SHIFT into my left. It literally switched sides, leaving my right side normal and my left side weak. The pain in my back, chest pain, and weakness of the left side all seem to go hand in hand and one effects the other generally.

To this day, the weakness continues to switch between sides. Very frequently. If I run or bike, I can feel it for sure in my right side, but then the pain in my left shoulder blade seems to create more weakness in my left side. Sometimes both my legs feel weak along with my arms.

I am a pretty stressed and anxious guy. The weakness will flair if I have a crappy sleep schedule or when I am scared or nervous. It gets especially bad in the morning, but my body seems to feel a lot stronger at night. I have stayed active all throughout this time.

I have never told any doctors about this up until recently. After around seven years. I fear the prospect of a brain tumor or something, though my doctor told me he doesn't believe it likely.

I do not seem to have any other weird symptoms. I never get headaches and my vision never goes blurry. I don't randomly get sick and my balance seems fine. I am however kinda constipated sometimes and still have gas often. My body feels stuff and I found myself cracking my knuckles, wrists, ankles, back, and neck many times per day.
I have an appointment with a Neurologist coming up soon and I fear the worst (as I always do). I have done lots of research and have not come across anything about weakness switching back and fourth. If anyone has some advice for me. It would be appreciated!
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